How Do I Choose the Best Floor Scrubber?

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The best floor scrubber will help keep floors clean without damaging them, yet should also be easy to use. The type of floor you have and the amount of space you are cleaning can largely determine the right model. Some types are difficult to operate, so you may want to test different models before buying one. You may need additional features if you plan on scrubbing floors commercially; for example, you may want a scrubber that can handle heavy degreasers if you are doing industrial cleaning.

A floor scrubber can clean wood, tile, or concrete floors; however, machines made for cleaning concrete are often too abrasive for other types. Ones with a disc-like attachment are normally less abrasive, making them a better choice for vinyl or laminated hardwood flooring. Scrubbers that have stiff brushes on the bottom are usually better for concrete because the bristles can penetrate the pores in the cement easily. You may want to use this equipment in a variety of settings, in which case a scrubber with removable attachments might work best for you.


When scrubbing warehouse or retail floors, you may need a larger floor scrubber than you would normally use at home. These scrubbers can sometimes clean between 20,000 and 70,000 square feet (1,858 to 6,503 square meters) per hour, so it is possible to clean big areas rather quickly. Many industrial models allow a person to drive them, and you can usually adjust the speed of this equipment as well.

Some models also buff and shine floors, but these types of floor scrubbers are often difficult to control. It can be a good idea to test a floor scrubber both with a scrub brush and a buffing pad attached. Pay attention to whether the equipment steers hard to one side or another while testing it. The best model will require you to simply hold the handle firmly without using a great deal of strength to use it.

Many units operate only on water, while others could require cleaning solutions. One that can handle heavy degreasers could be a good choice for cleaning garage or workshop floors, but one that uses mild detergent could be fine for scrubbing tile or wood floors. If you are using this machine in a high-traffic area, you may want to consider one that is quiet to operate and dries floors quickly so others are not bothered by the use of this equipment.


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