How Do I Choose the Best Flip Flops for Women?

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Classic flip flops for women are made from plastic and are good as casual wear in warm weather. They should not be worn for prolonged periods of time due to their basic, unsupportive design. The best flip flops for women have contoured soles that provide support to the arches of the feet, preventing soreness and injury. They should be made from a soft breathable material that prevents sweating, chafing and rubbing. Flip flops should be fashionable and suitable for the occasion.

Comfort and support are important when choosing the best flip flops for women. Many flip flops have flat plastic soles which provide little support. Look for shaped and sculpted soles that follow the contours of your feet. Flip flops that lack support can put unnecessary strain on the arches of your feet, causing tendons and ankle muscles to strain. Women’s basic flip flops are intended to be simplistic, however flip flops offering some supportive design can help to prevent strain.

Some flip flops have been developed that claim to tone the legs and backside more than wearing ordinary shoes. Some people believe that these flip flops are the best because they provide the leg muscles with an extra work out. Try these flip flops if you are looking for a more toned physique.


Classic, inexpensive flip flops for women usually have straps made of plastic that can rub the skin between the toes or top of the foot. Flip flop straps usually go between your toes or loop around your big toe, and this can cause chafing and blisters. Choose flip flops that have straps made from a soft material, such as leather.

Buy flip flops with a sole constructed from a thick and sturdy material such as plastic or rubber, to protect your feet from sharp objects on the ground. The best flip flops for women stay on the feet with minimal effort — if you find that your walking is impeded by flip flops as you try to grip them with your toes, they may not be the best flip flops for you. Choose a pair that have heel straps as these help to keep them in position.

There are a wide range of flip flops available in different colors, materials and styles. Flip flops for women must look good and be fashionable. Some are chunky and sturdy, more like sandals, and others are thinner, more traditional and made from plastic.

The most suitable flip flops will depend on the occasion. If you are using them on the beach, then basic flip flops with good flexibility may be best. Strappy flip flops are suitable as evening wear, for example with leather or gold straps, and with sequins or shells attached.


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I had a pair of rubbery Flo-Jo's that lasted me for a decade. It was a sad sad day when I finally broke them by stupidly walking downhill on wet grass.

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Trying to find the perfect flip flops sometimes is hard. Most of the time they will rub your feet raw, wear out in no time, or even break easily after being worn for a short time. I like to find sturdy flip flops that will last a long time and that I can wear with many outfits. I found a great brand online that are made of rubber and last 10 times longer than your regular dollar store brands. They have great prices and many different styles to choose from. I would recommend them!

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