How Do I Choose the Best Flea Carpet Spray?

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The best flea carpet spray may be one that not only is effective for killing adult fleas, but also for interrupting the flea life cycle. Some products, for example, prevent flea eggs from hatching and larvae from developing, effectively getting rid of the active fleas and those that are soon to become active. You might also consider the safety of the product for your carpets and furniture as well as for people, pets, or the environment. Additionally, you may find consumer reviews helpful when making your choice.

Many people consider the best flea carpet spray one that includes an insect growth regulator. This type of spray won't merely kill adult fleas — instead, it works to interrupt their life cycles and makes it impossible for them to continue reproducing. A spray that contains an insect growth regulator actually stops flea eggs from hatching and going on to the next stage of development. It also stops flea larvae from becoming adult fleas. This is helpful, as you do not have to wait for fleas to reach adulthood and start jumping around and biting before you can destroy them.


Since you probably won't want using a flea carpet spray to translate into a need to replace your treated carpets, the safety of the product you choose will probably figure prominently in your decision. You will likely want to carefully read the labels on the spray bottles to make sure the product you choose won't stain or otherwise harm your carpet. If you will have to spray elsewhere as well, such as on upholstered furnishings, you may do well to make sure the product you choose is also safe for this use.

Human and pet safety is also an important consideration. The best product is likely to be one that is safe for use in areas occupied both by people and their animal companions. You may also do well to make sure using the product or disposing of the used container won't pose a significant risk to the environment.

It is important to keep in mind when you are choosing a flea carpet spray that companies typically market their own products as being the best. In some cases, those with the most confident advertising are actually those that are the least effective. As such, you may do well to search for online reviews of flea products before you buy and choose one that most consumer reviewers agree is effective. Additionally, you might gain insight by asking family members and friends for recommendations.


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Post 7

We have had Orkin come out and spray two times and still have fleas. I have a 19 month old and he's being eaten alive! We have had to move out of our house ! Please help with any suggestions.

Post 5

@popcorn - I would try getting a professional service in to use carpet spray for fleas, as well as flea spray for furniture. You'll have to leave your home for the day, but if you have a serious infestation of fleas the professionals can really do a great job.

We have a few dogs and tried all of the carpet powders and flea killers on the market. The fleas always seemed to come back, so we finally broke down and hired a team to come in and fumigate our home. They guaranteed their work and we haven't seen a flea since they came into spray our house.

Post 4

Does anyone have any good flea carpet powder reviews that they could share?

I am looking for a simple powder that I can put down and vacuum up later to get rid of the fleas in my home. I have two cats and a dog, and right now the fleas are driving them nuts. I have tried flea collars and flea baths, but I think that the fleas are in the carpets now, and on the furniture.

I have read that Flea Stoppers Carpet Powder is really good and I like the fact that it is guaranteed to work or you get your money back. It seems like a safe bet, though I would love to hear about any other products that you've found useful.

Post 3

@burcidi-- Wow, dish detergent! I hadn't heard of that before, but it might be a good idea if you use one that's 100% natural soap. Isn't that what veterinarians and volunteers use when they go to clean up birds in oil spills?

I would recommend using a lavender spray. Lavender is great for killing fleas and and not at all toxic to pets. I bought one from the store, so I'm not sure if you could make it yourself, but I imagine you could. Maybe boil some lavender in water and use that water?

Plus, it makes the carpets smell great!

Post 2

@burcidi-- There are actually organic and all natural flea sprays for carpets available. Usually organic stores and large pet supermarkets will carry them.

My sister used one last month and she said it worked great. She has a toddler in the house so she was also worried about getting a spray with chemicals in it. But the organic ones are not dangerous for children or pets.

The one she used, she sprayed all over the carpet in the morning on a Sunday. Then the whole family, including the dog went out for the whole day. They came over and hung out with us until evening to give the spray enough time to work. The scent and ingredients apparently fade away after so many hours and this time period is enough to kill the fleas.

When she got home, she vacuumed the carpets, and that was it, no more fleas!

Post 1

I read on a forum that some people actually use dish detergent mixed with water as a carpet spray to kill fleas. I have read more than three reviews suggesting this method.

I guess it might be okay for dogs, if you wash the dogs after they've been on the carpet. But I cannot do this since I have two cats that will surely lick and clean themselves and their paws after walking on the carpet. I don't want them to eat any detergent and get sick.

I think a lot of the expensive flea carpet sprays on the market don't work as well as they claim. I've used two brands so far, that have not made a difference. I'm all for homemade remedies, does anyone have any other homemade spray recipes that are safe for pets (that is, no chemicals, detergents, etc.)?

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