How do I Choose the Best Fitting Jeans?

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For men and women, choosing the best fitting jeans can be a chore. With so many choices available, it can be difficult to choose the one style that is the most flattering; keeping in mind some simple tips like the ability of dark colors to hide extra bulges and pounds, the process can be made much easier. Looking for jeans based on an individual's figure rather than the current trend can make almost anyone look better, feel more comfortable, and save time.

Women can have a particularly difficult time selecting the best fitting jeans simply because of the many choices available. Pinpointing problem areas can help narrow down the styles of jeans that are tried on, and deciding what feature should be accented can also help. One of the keys to selecting the best fitting jeans is to be honest about the size. No one can see the size tag, but the whole world can see what the jeans look like, and squeezing into jeans several sizes too small is flattering on no one and comfortable for few.

A boot cut shape can make a big difference in the fit of the jeans. The flare at the bottom will fit over any boot as well as flatter almost any pair of shoes, from sneakers to heels, keeping the jeans versatile and comfortable. They also help give the illusion of longer, thinner legs.


Take into account what features the jeans shouldn't accent. Jeans that tie at the waist or have flaps on the side or back pockets will accent the belly and bottom, so if these features are cause for self-consciousness, choose less decorative styles. Tapered jeans can add the illusion of curves to a body that doesn't have any, while relaxed jeans can help hide wide hips and thighs. The best fitting jeans aren't just physically comfortable, but flattering as well.

Shoes can make a difference when selecting the best fitting jeans for men and women. Boots with thick soles or high heels can throw the length of the jeans off, so consider what type of shoes will typically be worn with the jeans. If trying on jeans barefoot, a good rule of thumb is to select a length that comes to the floor. This will account for sneakers or flat shoes, along with any possible shrinking that might occur in the wash.

For men, finding the best fitting jeans requires some similar considerations about body shape and size. Purchasing the next longer inseam than what fits in the store can help ensure that jeans will still have a comfortable length even after washing. Consider the waistline, especially if there is usually a belt worn. Pockets should be big enough for keys, cell phone, or anything else commonly carried. Not all jeans look the same with the pockets full, so adding these accessories when trying them on can help give a better idea of what they will look like once taken home.


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