How Do I Choose the Best Fitness Plan for Weight Loss?

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There are a number of different variations of a fitness plan for weight loss out there, and choosing the best one can be a challenge. There are some factors to keep in mind, however, to ensure that you enjoy your workouts and meet your weight loss goals. When choosing a fitness plan for weight loss, you should begin with a visit to your doctor to assess your current level of health and physical fitness. Once that has been determined, you might start considering the types of exercise you enjoy, and consider how these activities can best help you meet your fitness goals. Many people find success with a program with a lot of variety in it so they don't get bored.

Whenever you are selecting a fitness plan for weight loss, you should begin by assessing your current level of physical ability. Starting with too vigorous of a workout too quickly can lead to injuries or other issues, and may set you back even further. People who have medical conditions or past injuries are generally advised to visit a doctor to discuss exercise plans, and to determine if there are any specific recommendations or limitations to keep in mind.


The next step in choosing a fitness plan for weight loss is to think about what types of activities you enjoy, and how you prefer to work out. For instance, if you have enough in your budget, you might choose to join a gym to take classes and use the exercise equipment. If you prefer to work out in private, purchasing some exercise DVDs or a home machine might be a better choice for you. Also, if you choose activities that you enjoy, you're more likely to stick with it. For instance, if you enjoy being outdoors, hiking might be a good choice; similarly, swimming or bike riding offer great fitness benefits as well.

You might also want to build some variety into your workout. Even the best fitness plan for weight loss can get boring after a while. There are a number of ways to do this, such as doing some weight lifting or stretching such as yoga or Pilates on certain days of the week, instead of your regular aerobic activity. Even your aerobic workouts can be varied; one day you might choose to take a dance class, another day you could go for a jog or a swim. Not only is this better for your body, but it will help you to stay engaged in your workouts.


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Post 3

@pleonasm - Unfortunately I live too far away from everywhere to really rely on walking or cycling, although I do my best once I'm in town to try and walk as much as possible.

But, I make up for it by doing exercises in front of the TV or while I'm on the computer. I go to the gym as well, to get some cardio in, but I try to keep up my crunches and things like that any time I'm just sitting there, otherwise doing nothing.

It's amazing how much time we all spend just sitting, still and silent, in front of a screen. It's no wonder it's difficult to lose weight. Trying to move as much as possible during the day is a big part of my fitness plan.

Post 2

@bythewell - I agree that the plan should be fun, but it doesn't have to be walking. Bicycling or jogging can work just as well.

Actually even more than "fun" I think the most important part is to make it part of your transport options. If you get into the habit of cycling to work every day, it doesn't matter whether it stays fresh and new or not. It will stay incorporated in your routine as a positive habit.

I don't even own a car, because I know if I did I would use it too much. Not owning one makes it a necessity to walk or cycle everywhere and that helps to keep me trim and healthy.

This isn't possible for everyone of course, but if you can incorporate exercise into your daily life you're much more likely to stick to it, I think.

Post 1

I really think you should always try your best to pick a fitness plan that you are going to enjoy. You might be tempted to try and pick one that's going to make you lose weight the fastest, or that seems to be the cheapest, or whatever.

But if you don't enjoy it, you won't stick to it. And that's the most important thing. You aren't trying to lose weight for only a few months. You want to lose the weight and keep it off for good.

This is one of the reasons I think that walking is the best thing you can do. This is the kind of exercise that's easy on your joints and can usually be done

even if you don't feel your best.

And you can change the location to make it interesting, walking around a forest, or a beach or where ever.

And you can use music or friends to make the time pass more quickly.

You'll probably need to have other things to do as well, but walking as the base of your exercise plan seems like it's always the best idea to me.

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