How Do I Choose the Best Firefighter Schools?

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When choosing firefighter training, you may enroll in online courses that offer certification, or attend a college that may offer you several options. Consider whether you'd prefer firefighter schools that offer associate's degree programs or medical technology programs. There may be different requirements according to the position you seek, such a volunteer fireman or a paid firefighter. It might be a good idea to choose a school that offers courses in chemistry, as this may provide you with knowledge to prepare you for your career. In addition, firefighter training should typically include courses in fire technology and a program dedicated to the field of firefighting you're interested in.

A career in firefighting may offer you several options, including work as a fire inspector or fire apparatus operator. Once you've determined the area you're most interested in, do some research into firefighter schools that offer programs suited to your needs. In addition, note whether the school has any prerequisites for enrollment. Some firefighter schools may require students to obtain certification in fire technology before allowing students to enter the academy. A certification program may include courses in fire control and safety, as well as using fire equipment.


Online firefighter schools may offer you the freedom to schedule your training according to times that work best for you. You may be able to complete the courses at your own pace, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. An online firefighting academy may also offer you training for becoming an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or paramedic.

Research several online firefighter schools and check the curriculum. Depending upon your goals and interests, you might want to choose a course that prepares you for becoming a fire inspector, or perhaps an emergency vehicle driver. Additionally, you may be able to choose various levels of instruction, such as beginner, intermediate and advanced. Some online firefighter schools offer EMT training that may include paramedic refresher courses.

Whether you're interested in attending a college or online academy, consider firefighter schools with approachable staff members. Faculty and staff who are helpful and willing to accommodate you in every aspect may make your experience more gratifying. Another factor to consider is tuition costs, and what the fees include. Some firefighter schools may offer textbooks at no additional cost or provide free shuttle transportation. In addition, you may prefer a firefighting academy that offers dorm room lodging.


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