How Do I Choose the Best Filet Mignon Marinade?

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Marinades are substances added to foods that enhance flavor and soften texture. When they are used on a high quality piece of meat such as filet mignon, choosing the right type of marinade becomes particularly important. A cook should decide whether marinade is even needed, as marinade needs are lessened with prime meat cuts. If a filet mignon marinade is desired, the intensity of specific ingredients is perhaps the most important consideration, and this choice will usually depend on individual tastes. Price, health considerations, and personal preferences are also important.

Filet mignon is a piece of meat taken from the tenderloin of certain animals. This area is located around the spine. While the term filet mignon mostly refers to beef-producing animals, it may sometimes refer to a pork product as well.

For some individuals, the best filet mignon marinade may be no marinade. Filet mignon is typically considered the highest quality type of steak, so in its basic form it should be tender and flavorful, and strong marinades may overpower this flavor. If a less intense marinade is desired, several options are available. Many individuals wrap steaks in bacon, which adds a unique flavor to the meat. Simple dry-rub seasoning, spices, or a neutral sauce may also prove effective.


For those who prefer a strong marinade, acid is a key component that improves filet mignon marinade quality and taste. Acid substances not only have strong meat tenderizing qualities, but they also possess a tang and zest that adds a strong flavor to the meat. Examples of acid-based marinade ingredients include the following: vinegar, barbecue sauce, wine, hot sauce, and orange or pineapple juice. Various seasonings can be added to these liquids, such as onions, peppers, and garlic.

Ingredients for a filet mignon marinade will be dictated by personal taste as well. Meat lovers might prefer marinades with a beef stock or similar meaty focus. In contrast, those who particularly enjoy vegetables might prefer a mushroom base. Marinades might also be geared toward specific cultural cuisines, such as those marinades that use oregano.

The choice of a filet mignon marinade might also be influenced by economic and medical considerations. Marinades heavy in certain high-cholesterol substances like butter should not be used by individuals with heart or blood pressure problems, for example. A more healthy alternative might be olive oil. Such options might also prove less expensive.

In general, for any marinating endeavor, certain principles apply. For instance, the longer meat is marinated, the more flavorful and tender it will become. Some cooks marinate meats for up to a day. Regardless of the amount of marinating time, most of the process should take place within a refrigerator in order to reduce the presence of bacteria. When marinating while cooking, meat should be consistently turned so that the marinade covers the whole piece of meat.


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