How do I Choose the Best Fall Centerpieces?

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Autumn is a wonderful time to bring color and the fruits of the harvest into the home. Fall centerpieces can help take advantage of the vivid colors, elegant blooms, and essence of this season. In order to choose the best fall centerpieces, take time to learn about the flowers, fruits, and plants that reach their peaks during this season, and don't be afraid to experiment.

Fall centerpieces don't need to rely on expensive flowers or rare plants. One of the easiest and most frugal ways to build a seasonal centerpiece is to take advantage of the colorful leaves all around during this time of year. Maple, oak, beech, and aspen leaves all take on vivid and remarkable colors during the fall, from delicate yellow to luminous crimson. A simple gathering of leaves in a vase or bowl can make a great centerpiece, but may only last a few days. For a longer-lasting option, consider buying loose silk leaves at a craft or fabric store.


Though fall is usually associated with the end of a plant's yearly cycle, there are actually many flowers that reach their peak bloom in fall. Chrysanthemums, asters, false sunflowers, and Japanese anemones all bloom throughout fall, and come in a variety of seasonal colors such as rust, gold, and fire orange. Since many flowers are available year-round from florists, this is also a perfect time to create a centerpiece around yellow and burgundy roses or flame-hued calla lilies. The spectacular color palette of fall often looks best in a simple glass vase that won't distract from the vivid florals.

Fall centerpieces can also center around a harvest theme. The cornucopia, also called the horn of plenty, is a curved, horn-shaped basket that makes a beautiful vase for a fall arrangement. Fill a cornucopia to bursting with tangerines, pomegranates, persimmons, walnuts and almonds in their shells, and cinnamon sticks for a traditional fall harvest arrangement that will look fabulous on a Thanksgiving table. Be sure to let some of the fruit and nuts spill out from the edge of the cornucopia.

The pumpkin is a common symbol of autumn, and with a little ingenuity, it can easily be incorporated into fall centerpieces. Hollow out a pumpkin, making sure to get out all wet material inside to deter mold. Use a block of wet floral foam in the bottom of the pumpkin to create a sturdy base for any flowers, leaves, or other bouquet materials. Some people prefer to use fake craft pumpkins that can be reused for years; these are easy to find around Halloween at craft stores. For spectacular fall centerpieces that make Halloween events sparkle, coat a craft pumpkin in glue and paint it with glitter before filling with flowers.


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