How Do I Choose the Best Facial for Men?

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A facial for men will differ from a facial for women because men have different skin-care needs. Regenerating facials are generally good for men, because these facials both cleanse and repair. For those who want the benefits of a facial but don’t have much time to spare, an express radiance facial can take as little as 35 minutes. Those suffering from skin-care problems like acne might benefit from a dermatological facial.

A man’s facial skin is different from a woman’s. Not only is a man more prone to clogged pores and blackheads than a woman, his skin will also typically be thicker, oilier and, in some cases, much more sensitive. Men also experience shaving-related problems like dry skin, skin irritation, and razor burns.

Choose a facial for men that is specially designed to address a man’s specific skin-care needs. These facials moisturize dry skin and soothe skin irritation. There are also facials for men that are designed to deal with specific problems like acne, the visible effects of aging, and skin damage caused by exposure to pollution and the sun’s harmful rays.

Regenerating facials not only cleanse and exfoliate, they also repair sun and environmental damage. An express radiance facial for men is much faster than most other types of facials. During the process, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and steamed, and a facial mask is applied in the final step.


Aromasque facials are a good choice for those who suffer from dry skin or stress. These facials contain aromatic oils, and not only hydrate the skin but relax the mind. A homemade facial for men can be a convenient and economical option, but an individual must make sure the homemade facial he uses is right for his skin type, and won’t aggravate skin problems like acne.

While choosing a good facial for men is an important step in skin care for men, a regular skin care routine is also important. Cleanse the skin once or twice a day, and avoid bar cleansers because they can dry out the skin. Exfoliating three or four times a week will remove dirt and dead skin cells and help prevent blackheads. Moisturizer locks in moisture, which will keep the skin from getting dry and rough. Some moisturizers contain sun protection, but they should not be used at night.


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Post 3

Does anyone use natural oils on their face as a moisturizer?

Post 2

@MikeMason-- There are definitely salons and spas that offer facials for men and they do use products made for men. Men visit salons as frequently as women these days, so just ask your local salons if they offer a men's facial.

I get a facial once in a while, the salon I go to has a great hydrating mask. I have this done when my skin is irritated from shaving too much. It really helps.

Most of the time though, I do my skin care at home. I have facial cleanser that I use in the morning and then an exfoliating cream that I use several times a week in the shower. I also use a lotion afterward

. I don't skip cleaning and exfoliating or I get acne and ingrown hairs.

I get all the facial products from my pharmacy. The scrub is apricot scented which doesn't bother me and the cleanser and lotion don't have a scent at all. So it's not really gender specific, anyone can use it.

Post 1

I want to get a facial, I've never had one before. My skin has been irritated lately and I have a few pimples as well.

The reason that I haven't had a facial done until now is because I don't like the flowery scents that many skin care products have. I feel like it's not meant for men and it makes me uncomfortable.

I know there are skin care lines for men, but are there spas that use these products in their facials? I guess I'm looking for a facial specifically for men.

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