How Do I Choose the Best Face Polish?

T. Carrier

Face polish is a cosmetic substance placed on the face. It has two important duties: enhancing blood circulation in the skin and cleansing pores of dead skin cells, or exfoliating. This product ideally leads to healthier and younger-looking skin, and considering a face polish's ingredients can assist in achieving this goal. Individuals should also consider unique skin types when making a buying decision. Price and texture are additional considerations.

Many face polishes contain sugar, a natural and gentle skin exfoliant.
Many face polishes contain sugar, a natural and gentle skin exfoliant.

Facial skin can take on many characteristics, and these traits should be considered when choosing a face polish. Overly dry skin may cause undesirable side effects like flaking and premature aging. These effects are particularly pronounced on the sensitive skin found on the face. If an individual is prone to dry skin, a facial polish with moisturizing properties such as oils and mango butter should be considered.

Scrubs should be suited to a person's specific skin type.
Scrubs should be suited to a person's specific skin type.

For individuals with extra sensitive skin that is easily prone to irritation, polishes with milder ingredients are advisable. Many natural substances like aloe vera, bananas, and oatmeal have a soothing yet gentle effect on the skin. Strongly acidic polishes should be avoided for these skin types. Normal skin, on the other hand, can benefit from grainier substance bases like salts and sugars. Oily skin types may also be helped by polishes with more intense exfoliating properties.

Natural face scrubs containing vital nutrients like Vitamin C may offer a number of benefits. These substances can stimulate collagen, which is the body component that helps give skin its elasticity and youthfulness. Certain vitamins can also make skin appear more vibrant and protect it from damaging environmental influences. Often, polishes that contain natural fruit traces will likewise possess such useful nutrient particles. Further, a face polish that does not contain a surplus of artificial chemicals is less likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

Affordability is another important factor when choosing commercial face scrubs. More expensive brands may cost five times as much as their drugstore counterparts. The amount of available product also tends to be significantly lower on products with a higher price tag. Although cheaper brands may last longer, in some cases they may also be of lesser quality. Online research, consumer reviews, and trial size product purchases may help determine the most efficient and most affordable face polishes.

In addition, consumers may consider purchasing face polishes that are part of a kit. These offerings have other cosmetic products that can aid the face polish. For example, the skin around the eyes is one of the most fragile areas of the body. Many individuals experience dark circles or wrinkling in this area, so an eye-based cream might be one helpful aid for individuals using face polish. Moisturizers are also essential accompaniments to face polishes, if moisturizing properties are not included in the face polish itself.

Different face polishes contain different textures and properties. Some are mostly liquid and glide easily over the skin, while others may possess an almost powdery texture. For extra cleansing, many face polishes also contain microbeads that scrub into the skin. If an individual prefers wearing a face mask, some brands even function as dual polishes and masks. Since face polish is mostly comprised of salts, sugars, and fruit products, it may come in a variety of sweet scents as well.

Natural scrubs can stimulate collagen.
Natural scrubs can stimulate collagen.

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@talentryto- You should try mixing avocado with sugar for a gentle face polish that is all natural.

A very ripe avocado will work best, because it will be soft enough to mash. Add several spoonfuls of sugar once you make the avocado smooth and creamy, and you instantly have a face polish that will be gentle enough to use on the most sensitive facial skin.


@talentryto- Like the article mentions, dried oatmeal is a great natural ingredient for gently scrubbing facial skin. A great way to turn it into a gentle polishing mixture is to combine dried oatmeal with a little bit of honey and buttermilk. These natural ingredients work together to soothe and polish your skin without harsh, irritating ingredients. All three of them are great for your skin, too.


If anyone has a simple recipe for a natural face polish for sensitive skin, I would love to know about it. I have tried commercial face polishes, but they always seem to irritate my skin.

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