How do I Choose the Best Face Lift Cream?

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There are hundreds of face lift cream products on the market. Many consumers are convinced that these products will reduce the signs of aging, though this is not necessarily true. While some products have been shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, no face lift cream can provide the same results as a surgical face lift procedure. Selecting a cream that will provide you with optimal results is a matter of conducting careful research.

Whether or not a face lift or anti-aging cream will work largely depends on a cream's ingredients. Free radicals, oxygen particles that are unstable, cause the skin to age by wearing the skin down. Creams that contain antioxidants can help to battle free radicals. Retinol A, derived from vitamin A, is one ingredient that has been proven effective when it comes to reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Thus, products that contain Retinol A are a wise choice.

Many popular face lift creams also contain hydroxy acids. Hydroxy acids are acids that have been taken from various fruits. These acids remove the outer layer of the skin, which results in a new layer of skin. Since new skin appears younger, products that contain hydroxy acids are believed to be effective. Keep in mind that new skin is also extremely susceptible to sun damage, so make sure to wear sunblock when using any product that contains hydroxy acids.


When shopping for any kind of face lift cream, it's important to remember a few crucial details. The first thing that should be kept in mind is the fact that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) within the United States considers all over-the-counter face creams cosmetics. As cosmetics, these creams do not have to go through rigorous testing. Therefore, some creams may show small improvements, while other creams may not work at all.

The other thing to consider is the fact that over-the-counter creams are not as strong as prescription creams. Thus, any cream that is purchased over-the-counter will likely have short-lived results. Once you stop using a face lift cream, any change that resulted from cream use may disappear.

Even though some creams are more expensive than others, the cost of a face lift cream is not directly related to a cream's effectiveness. Some face creams may also cause irritation and red skin, so make sure to take note of any change in skin color. The best way to fight wrinkles or to appear younger is to consult with a licensed dermatologist. A dermatologist can provide you with prescription wrinkle cream that has been tested and proven effective. It is also important to protect your skin by using sunscreen every day, applying daily moisturizer, and avoiding cigarette smoke.


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@watson42, this is especially true for anything that claims to be an "instant face lift cream". Nothing in wrinkle reduction or prevention is instant except surgery, and anything that claims to be will be at least a little bit disappointing. It is also important to be aware of fine print that says that damning phrase for so many- "results not typical". That means, really, that either the results will absolutely not do that for you, or they only will if you use the product even more than recommended and spend a great deal of money.

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When considering these sorts of anti wrinkle creams, it is important to try to read face lift cream reviews. Many of these products, particularly those that you see advertised on television infomercials or in the backs of magazines, are scams. Not only have they not been tested thoroughly, the people giving their personal testimonies have been paid to do so; reading the reviews on sites like, meanwhile, will show you what average people using these products have really experienced.

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Another important way to protect skin is by washing it thoroughly each day and not over-applying makeup. Keeping skin clean helps to balance your pores and therefore avoid the redness and other irritations that can come from pollution, debris buildup, and other causes of wear and tear.

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