How Do I Choose the Best Face Eczema Treatment?

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Choosing the best face eczema treatment can often be a matter of trial and error because each person responds differently to various methods of treatment. Some of the most commonly used face eczema treatment options include medicated ointments, oral medications, and the use of hypoallergenic moisturizers. Prevention is also an important aspect of treatment, and contact with any known triggers should be avoided whenever possible. Individualized questions or concerns about face eczema treatment options should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.

Medicated creams or ointments are frequently used face eczema treatment choices. Steroid creams are often used to reduce the inflammation associated with eczema and are available in prescription and non-prescription strengths. Antihistamine creams are designed to help prevent some of the itching caused by this skin condition. Young children, especially infants, may not be able to use these creams, so a doctor should always be consulted to make sure this is an appropriate treatment option in an individual situation.

Oral medications, especially antihistamines, are sometimes used as face eczema treatment options. Antihistamines help control the itching, preventing the urge to scratch, as excessive scratching could lead to complications such as infection. Steroid medications or drugs that suppress the immune system may be used in severe cases of eczema, although there can be significant side effects associated with these types of face eczema treatment.


Moisture is a vital part of face eczema treatment. It is important to choose a moisturizer that does not contain any ingredients that may trigger the eczema outbreak. As each person with eczema has an individual set of triggers, this process may involve a bit of trial and error in order to find a product that works for the individual. The moisturizer should usually be applied to the face at least three times per day, unless otherwise directed by a physician.

In many cases, eczema outbreaks are linked to contact with some sort of allergen or chemical, although these triggers can vary widely from person to person. Common triggers include chemicals found in many household soaps, detergents, and cleaning supplies. As the triggers are identified, contact should be avoided. Some food allergies or sensitivities, especially involving dairy products or wheat, are thought to cause a high percentage of eczema outbreaks. A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders and can be very helpful in helping the patient develop an individualized face eczema treatment program.


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Though eczema treatments that contain steroids help to calm the irritation, redness, and itching that go along with the condition, you have to be careful not to overuse them. My brother has had to use these treatments for his facial eczema for years, and he has found that treating with them can become a vicious cycle. Moderation is the key so you don't become dependent on this type of eczema treatment.

My brother has also found that a good way to treat eczema during mild flare ups is to use natural remedies. Witch hazel, almond oil, and natural lotions that contain honey are all great for calming the skin and preventing a more serious eczema outbreak from occurring.

Post 1

I have eczema, and I think that artificial ingredients, preservatives, and perfumes often cause eczema symptoms to flare up. In my opinion, the best treatments are natural. Products that contain olive oil and shea butter work best for me because they are very soothing.

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