How Do I Choose the Best Eyeshadow Stick?

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The best eyeshadow stick for you will be one that you can apply anywhere, is in a color that complements your eyes and can stay for hours after it's been applied. If you can find an eyeshadow stick that meets that criteria, you'll have a new beauty tool in your possession that can simplify your beauty routine. Choose an eyeshadow stick that can function as an eyeliner to have one less makeup tool to use.

Eyeshadow sticks that can be applied and last for hours are the best kinds. Products that don't smudge or crease with wear are also a sound investment. If your active lifestyle is why you want to buy an eyeshadow stick, it makes sense to choose one that won't have you standing in front of a mirror and reapplying it every few hours. It also can be wise to choose a product that can set almost instantaneously, so you won't have to wait for the eyeshadow to set before you can go out and do things. If you want to use your eyeshadow stick as an eyeliner as well, select a stick that has a point that is fine enough to work as one.


When choosing colors for eyeshadow sticks, you can follow the same set of rules that you normally would if you were choosing a powdered eyeshadow color. You should select shades that complement the color of your eyes. You can try a red-based color if you have green eyes, brown-based colors for blue eyes and purple-based colors for brown eyes. Of course, your color choice ultimately depends on your individual preferences.

An advantage of buying an eyeshadow stick is that it is portable and can be easily carried in bags. Subsequent applications and touch-ups can be achieved without the use of messy brushes and containers. Eyeshadow sticks are great to use, if you live life on the go and find yourself having to apply your makeup in a hurry or in odd places.

Another benefit of using an eyeshadow stick is that it can save you the trouble of having to clean up the mess that normally comes with the use of standard, powdered shadows. They also do not require the use of extra makeup tools, such as brushes. You can apply the eyeshadow simply stroking the stick directly onto your eyelid. Then, you can use a clean finger to lightly blend the eyeshadow into your eyelid, giving it a more natural look.


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