How Do I Choose the Best Eyeliner Pen?

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The best eyeliner pen will have a durable and flexible tip, which will last you through several uses. When choosing eyeliner, you should select a color that suits your skin tone and eye color and that your like to wear. The eyeliner should also have any features you require, such as hypoallergenic ingredients for sensitive eyes, a long lasting formula for all day wearers, or a waterproof formula if your eyes tend to water.

An eyeliner pen combines the look of liquid eyeliner with the application process of a pencil liner. One end of the pen has a thick felt-tip point, used for application. This tip is at the end of a tubular container that holds the liquid makeup. A cap snaps firmly into place over the felt-tip end to prevent the makeup inside from drying out.

Different brands make eyeliner pens in several shades of color. Most brands offer black, varying hues of brown, and a navy blue. Some brands also offer more exotic colors, such as green, bright blue, or purple, or shades that have glitter or shimmer in the ink. Each shade produces a different effect on the eye. For example, navy blue produces a subtle effect, while a jet-black produces a dark, dramatic effect.


Every manufacturer creates a unique formula for their eyeliner pen. Some formulas are designed to act more as a stain on the eyes, giving them a lasting look that does not fade quickly. Other formulas are waterproof, meaning the eyeliner will not smear or run if the eyes get teary. Since the eyeliner comes out as a liquid, many manufactures sell a quick drying formula, which allows the eyeliner to set quickly on the eye to reduce the chances of smearing or smudging during application.

People with sensitive eyes or skin can have allergic reactions to different kinds of makeup. These reactions can cause the eyes to water or the skin to become red and irritated. A hypoallergenic formula has fewer ingredients and is safe for sensitive skin and eyes.

When using an eyeliner pen, remove the cap and turn the product upside down, so that the liquid make up can pour into the felt-tip. Press the point of the felt-tip against the corner of your eye. Run the tip along your eye line in one quick stroke. Allow the product to dry completely before closing your eyes to prevent smudging.


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