How Do I Choose the Best Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes?

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The best eye makeup for hooded eyes uses shading to balance the shape of the eye. This includes causing the lid and crease to appear more deep-set and highlighting the brow bone. The choice of a product can depend on eye color, eye shape and personal preference.

Hooded eyes have drooping eyelids that aren't visible when the eyes are open. The disappearance of the lid causes the brow bone to seem most prominent while the crease seems nonexistent. People who have hooded eyes might find it difficult to design an eyeshadow look because the main focus can't be solely on the lids, or it won't be seen when the eyes open.

Eye makeup for hooded eyes needs three eyeshadow colors. The lightest highlighting shade is applied below the arch on the brow bone and along the inner corner of the upper lash line. A medium shade is applied across the entire lid, except where the highlight shade was placed, and up to the brow bone. Depth is created with the darkest shade, which blends into the outer half of the lid and follows up to slightly under the brow bone.


The eye is further defined with mascara and the use of strong eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines. Liner on the lower lash line can be smudged out for a smoky look. A thick eyeliner on the upper lash line won't show up when the eyes are open, so a thin, dark line works best.

The colors chosen for the look can be based on personal preference or selected to emphasize eye color. Blue eyes suit cool-toned gray, purples, blues, pinks or taupe. Green eyes pair with neutral-toned browns, greens and purples. Brown eyes favor warm-toned purples, coppers and greens. Neutral-toned browns and blacks suit all eye colors.

Tailor eye makeup for hooded eyes around other eye shape issues. For wide-set eyes, skip the highlight color on the inner corner of the lid, because that makes the eyes appear wider. Offset close-set eyes by using the highlight color on the upper lid, then bringing it around the inner tear duct area and down onto the inner third of the lower lash line. The crease and brow bone colors should stop before the inner corner of the eye to create the appearance of distance.

Practice is vital to finding the best eye makeup for hooded eyes. Cosmetics counters usually have makeup artists who are willing to work with customers on designing a look. A makeup artist will often show the step-by-step instructions for the application process.


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