How do I Choose the Best Eye Infection Home Remedy?

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Some eye infections can be treated at home with the help of a few common household items. For example, a warm compress is a simple eye infection home remedy that can bring some relief to an inflamed eye. You can also use food products that you probably have at home, such as bread and honey, to help the eyes heal. Some people prefer using herbs to relieve inflammation and infection, most of which can be purchased at health food shops or online if they are not easily found at the grocery store. Choose the best eye infection home remedy for you based on the items you have at home, and the methods with which you feel most comfortable, but be sure to go to a doctor if the infection does not resolve promptly.


A warm compress is a common home remedy for various ailments, and it works for eye infections, as well. While the traditional compress made of a cloth with hot water can work well, you can make it more effective by adding soothing herbs. For instance, add chamomile, rose oil, or lavender to a warm compress to help cure pink eye. A used tea bag can also double as a warm compress when you place it over your eye to reduce the size of a stye. Guava leaves wrapped in a warm towel can also be placed on the eye to relieve the swelling and redness that often accompany a stye, while acacia leaves can be used the same way.

Another easy eye infection home remedy involves using food that you likely already have at home. One example is honey, which can be combined with boiling water, cooled, and then placed on the affected area as an eyewash. You can also put plain honey in your eyes to soothe them. Even cold bread is known as an eye infection home remedy, as it can be placed over the eye to reduce itchiness and swelling.

You can also make an eyewash out of various products, such as herbs, many of which you may not have heard of before. For instance, boiling coriander seeds and then washing the eyes with the cooled mix of water and seeds can bring some relief, especially for a stye. Eyebright herb, elderberry blossom tea, and aloe vera juice can also all work as eyewash, reducing inflammation in the eyes. Additionally, if you have jasmine flowers, you can place about eight of them in distilled water, let them sit overnight, and then wash your eyes with the mixture the next day to feel some relief. Finally, you can make your own eye drops by mixing turmeric powder with water and applying the mix to the eyes until you notice a reduction in swelling due to this eye infection home remedy.


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