How Do I Choose the Best Eye Gloss?

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Eye gloss is a type of makeup product that contains extra shimmer and shine compared with conventional shadows. The best quality glosses should stay on your lids for an extended period of time without creasing. Eye glosses also come in a variety of different styles, ranging from compacts to sticks. Choosing proper eye makeup also depends upon your skin type, and you might consider using a primer before applying any glosses. No matter which type of eye gloss you choose, it is important that to choose the correct colors for your skin type and the best application processes so that you maximize your look.

Powder shadows are still some of the most commonly sold eye makeup products, but glosses continue to increase in popularity among those who are looking for a more dramatic and edgy look. Gloss shadows are cream-based, and many brands add extra shimmer to the products for a more intense look. Due to the dramatic effects of eye gloss, many people prefer to wear them at night or for special occasions.


Different eye makeup features are usually more appropriate for certain skin types. Generally, normal to dry skin benefits the most from eye glosses because of their creamy bases. The extra hydration offered with this particular type of makeup product can be problematic with oily skin, even if you choose a brand that is not supposed to crease. If you are set on wearing eye gloss, consider applying an oil-free primer to your entire lids before using the makeup in order to ensure that the gloss stays in place better. Oily skin types might also consider purchasing a brand of gloss that is labeled as being non-comedogenic, meaning that it will not clog your pores.

Your application preferences will partially determine the type of eye gloss that you ultimately choose. The most common versions come in compacts similar to powder shadows and can be applied with brushes or your finger tips. For added convenience, you might choose a stick version that you apply directly to your lids. The downside to gloss sticks is that you might not be able to use them on small areas of the eye lids if you want to blend colors together.

Since eye glosses offer higher intensity in terms of color pigmentations, it is important that you apply the makeup correctly. For a less intense look, you might consider only applying one color across the entire lid. The most intense eye gloss looks are used in combination with traditional powder shadows. When choosing gloss colors, consider sticking with the ones that you know will look best on you. For example, if purple powdered eye shadow normally looks good on you, then chances are that a gloss version will too.


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