How do I Choose the Best Exfoliator?

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In order to choose the best exfoliator, it is important to first assess one's skin needs and then decide what kind of exfoliator might be appropriate. The term "exfoliator" can refer to either a skin care product that includes exfoliant or a skin care tool. Both are used for the same purpose, which is to slough off dead skin cells and help to improve circulation in the skin. In most cases, an exfoliator is used for at least two purposes that may include an effort to clear the skin from blemishes, an effort to make the skin look more youthful by removing dead skin cells, or en effort to simply improve the overall tone and health of the skin by improving circulation.

People who are interested in clearing blemished skin, reducing the occurrence of breakouts, and generally fight acne, should seek out a skin care product with both an exfoliant and an acne-fighting ingredient such as salicylic acid. The exfoliant in the product will help to scrub the skin and clear dirt, oil, and dead skin cells out of the pores. This will help to keep the skin as healthy as possible. At the same time, the salicylic acid will help to heal current pimples and stop new ones from forming.


On the other hand, people who are mostly interested in an exfoliator for anti-aging purposes may want to choose a tool such as a vibrating facial buffer or even an exfoliating pad that is designed for the delicate skin on the face. These products can be used to both remove a layer of dead skin — a process that can leave the skin looking younger — and increase circulation in the skin. Increasing circulation in the skin on the face can make the face look brighter and younger and can also, to some extent, help to reduce puffiness or dark circles around the eyes even though the exfoliator is not meant to be used on the eye area.

There are also a number of types of exfoliating products for the body. The most common exfoliants used in these products are salt and sugar. Much like an exfoliator for the face, and exfoliator for the body can be used to remove dead skin cells, increase circulation in the skin, and generally brighten and improve the tone of the skin. There are also exfoliators for the body that can be used to help treat body acne.


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