How Do I Choose the Best Exercise Ball Office Chair?

Jami Yontz

The exercise ball office chair has become popular as an ergonomic office chair or office chair alternative for its ability to improve posture, reduce stress to the spinal cord and provide core strength training. Consumers should look for an exercise ball that is lightweight, stable, well made from an anti-burst material, and developed by a reputable company. Customers should also choose an exercise ball office chair that fits their height and weight and promotes their overall back and spine health. Many companies also make exercise ball bases and chairs with exercise balls as the seat to provide the stability and flexibility that some customers want from a chair.

It's become common for exercise balls to be used as office chairs.
It's become common for exercise balls to be used as office chairs.

When sitting on a stability ball, the user’s legs should be at a slightly downward slope, or an angle greater than 90 degrees. Look for a ball that inflates to at least 4 inches (10 cm) greater than the height of your existing chair so that, even when the ball sinks in from your weight, you will still be at a comfortable height. Customers should also take into consideration the length of their legs and the height of their desk when wanting to use an exercise ball as a chair.

Exercise balls were originally developed to help users build strength in the core muscles of the stomach and back.
Exercise balls were originally developed to help users build strength in the core muscles of the stomach and back.

Buyers should purchase a ball that is one size bigger than the recommended size for use as a workout tool so their legs are slightly higher than the 90° angle recommended for ball exercises. A 65 cm ball will usually be the right fit for most people around 5 feet, 7 inches (about 1.7 m) tall and of average weight. Customers who are less than 5 feet, 3 inches (about 1.6 m) will usually require a 55 cm or 45 cm exercise ball. If you are more than 6 feet, 3 inches (about 1.9 m) tall, a 75 cm or 85 cm ball should allow your body to be in the correct position. Customers can make small adjustments to the firmness and height of the ball by inflating or deflating the ball until they find the right fit.

If wanting to use an exercise ball as an ergonomic office chair, you may want to purchase a ball base or a chair that has been made with an exercise ball as the seat to have complete control over the height, position and tilt of the chair. You also will have the added benefit of a swivel function and locking wheels. Buyers should make sure the exercise ball office chair is easily adjusted to fit their individual body type and that they are still able to benefit from the posture, core training and balance benefits of an exercise ball.

Using an exercise ball office chair forces your body to align itself in the body’s naturally occurring posture, while traditional office chairs create a rigid posture for you. You are constantly balancing and readjusting your position, so the exercise ball office chair helps you to strengthen your abdominal, back and leg muscles, which are stimulated through the tiny readjusting movements for balance. These small adjustments improve your overall health by keep your body active and your blood circulating throughout the day.

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@talentryto- Thanks for the tip. I would also like to add that the best exercise ball for working at a desk all day is a firm one. This type of ball will still provide the positive effects of using it for an office chair without being too soft for you to reach your desk.


I use an exercise ball for an office chair, and it has helped relieve back pain that I use to get almost daily from sitting in a chair. I would like to add a tip for people who are considering trading in their office chairs for exercise balls.

If you are very tall like me, a small exercise ball will work best for you. I started out with a larger ball, and found that I was still crouching over my desk. Using a smaller exercise ball has helped me improve my posture while working.

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