How Do I Choose the Best Executive Pen?

Gregory Hanson

Executive pens are as much small works of art as they are functional office tools, and an ideal executive pen should be functional, reliable, and comfortable. The style of an executive pen is important as well, and should convey a sense of style appropriate to a particular executive or firm. Some customers may also look for special features in executive pens, such as the ability to write in multiple colors or the inclusion of styluses or other small tools.

Laser pointers can be incorporated into executive pens.
Laser pointers can be incorporated into executive pens.

An executive pen should be easy and pleasant to write with. Ball-point pens should be of high quality, and should write smoothly and evenly. Some customers may prefer fountain pen models of executive pen, and these, too, should first and foremost be judged on the ease with which they can be used to write.

A fountain pen that is to be used as an executive pen should be chosen based on its ease of use.
A fountain pen that is to be used as an executive pen should be chosen based on its ease of use.

This style of pen is not typically used to write long documents, but should still be comfortable and fit easily in the hand for a protracted period if necessary. Some customers prefer pens with a textured grip. Others find such a feature to be distracting, and prefer pens with a clean metallic finish. Personal preference is of primary importance when judging the feel of an executive pen in the hand.

Unlike their more humble cousins, executive pens are also used to convey a message to those viewing them. Each individual firm or executive should determine what sort of image to project to the world and select pens accordingly. An old and respected law firm might opt for fountain pens with ornamental brass and gold designs to convey a sense of gravitas and stability. An executive for a young tech company might opt for a sleek metallic pen in order to project the image of fast-paced modernity.

In some cases, executive pens are used as a form of advertising. This sort of executive pen is typically of high quality and in a style appropriate for the issuing firm. Many of these pens are adorned with the name and logo of the firm as well, as a subtle form of advertising.

A number of styles of executive pen include special technological features that may appeal to certain customers. Most of the best pens can be refilled, either with small ink cartridges or from a larger supply. Other models of executive pen may include small styluses for use with electronic devices or flash drives to store files. Laser pointers may also be built in to executive pens.

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Discussion Comments


@strawCake - Good advice.

I can't imagine what kind of company would use an executive pen for marketing! Nice pens can be pretty pricey, so I can't imagine giving them away to customers. I suppose it would make sense for a company to give to their high value customers, but not to just everyone like they can a stick pen.


I think it's important to get a refillable executive pen from a well-known brand. This isn't quite the same, but a few years ago I had a refillable fountain pen that I just loved!

I used it all the time while I was in college for about the first two years. Then, something tragic happened: they stopped making refills for my pen. The company that made the pen went out of business and no other refills would fit.

So if you want to get a really good executive pen, make sure you get one that you'll be able to buy refills for!


Once I received a Parker executive pen as a gift. I loved the sleek look of this pen and the special feeling every time I used it.

This pen came with some refills, so you would not have to get rid of the pen when you ran of ink. Even though I loved using this pen, I have a hard time keeping track of pens.

I would never spend the money on an expensive pen because it would get lost. That is the biggest reason I buy cheap pens. I have a few styles of pens that are my favorites because of the way they write, but they are always the first ones to disappear.

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