How do I Choose the Best Ergonomic High Back Chair?

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The best ergonomic high back chair will offer the comfort and support you need to alleviate back pain or tired muscles while still maintaining the good looks and stability all high back chairs should feature. An ergonomic high back chair should be designed to be appropriately adjustable as well and it should allow you to find the most comfortable and neutral position possible while sitting at a desk. Look for a chair made from durable materials as well; all hardware should be metal or a durable plastic that will stand up to regular daily use.

When choosing an ergonomic high back chair, be sure to choose one that features some sort of head and neck support. This may come in the form of a headrest that props the head into the most natural position possible, or it may mean a neck roll or other type of neck feature that will adequately support the head and neck while you sit in the chair. Such supports on the chair should not force your head into an awkward position; rather, it should aid you in finding a neutral position in which the spine and muscles that support it are not strained.


Lumbar spine support is also crucial to an ergonomic high back chair's design. Such a support will prevent the lower part of the spine from collapsing backward, potentially causing pain and tightness in the lower back muscles. The entire back of the chair should support the spine's neutral position, which forms an S-shape when correctly supported.

The seat of the chair should be adequately padded, but not so padded that the hips and lower back tend to sink throughout the day. The seat should be adjustable so that people of different sizes can find the best position that allows the feet to rest squarely on the ground and the knees to bend at as close to a ninety degree angle as possible.

Armrests should also be adjustable to allow the user to find a proper arm position; the shoulders should be supported by the armrests and should not slouch, or be raised to the point that the neck and shoulder muscles strain. When typing, the forearms should be just about level with the desk to prevent pain in the elbows and wrists.

Once you have found a few models that are comfortable and adjustable, be sure to choose the ergonomic high back chair that fits the aesthetic you are looking for. Many high back chairs feature high-grade leather, while others are made from less expensive but durable and waterproof synthetic materials. Choose the one that fits your budget and visual appeal.


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