How do I Choose the Best Erectile Dysfunction Doctor?

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Choose the best erectile dysfunction doctor by first compiling a list of several qualified prospects. Next, narrow your list down to a few you believe you will be comfortable discussing your erection problems with. Ultimately, select an experienced erectile dysfunction doctor you believe you can share a level of comfort with, who you can trust and who is qualified to help you recover from this disorder.

To begin the search for an erectile dysfunction doctor, start with your family physician. Your doctor may be able to treat you or may refer you to someone else who is more experienced in treating erection problems. If your doctor believes that your problem may be due to a urinary problem, she or he may first refer you to a urologist for a full examination.

If you do not have a primary care physician or if you do not feel comfortable speaking to your family doctor about your erection problems, ask for referrals from other sources. Hospitals, community health clinics and other organizations that focus on men’s health issues may be able to introduce you to an erectile dysfunction doctor. Also, if you know anyone who has ever visited an impotence doctor, ask this person for a referral.

You may also check your local telephone directory and the Internet for an erectile dysfunction doctor in your area. Steer clear, however, of clinics that promise to treat erection problems, but that use lay consultants and do not have a medically qualified erectile dysfunction doctor on staff. Clinics like these are commonly advertised on radio and television, and can be deceiving. If you have been led to one of these, ask questions about certification and even ask to speak directly to an erectile dysfunction doctor during your visit. Also, don’t be afraid to ask to see the doctor’s credentials in writing before agreeing to undergo treatment in one of these facilities.

Once you have a few qualified prospects in mind, you are ready to choose an erectile dysfunction doctor. Narrow your list by selecting a doctor you believe you will be comfortable discussing your erection problems with. Some men find it difficult to speak to a female doctor about this issue or may feel more comfortable speaking with an older physician. While neither age nor gender can speak to a doctor’s experience in a particular specialty, when discussing sensitive issues about your sexual health, it is important that you choose a doctor you are personally comfortable sharing open conversation with. Ultimately, choose the doctor you believe to be the most qualified and experienced and whom you feel you can trust in helping you resolve your erection problems.

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