How do I Choose the Best Energy Management Systems?

D. Nelson

Energy management is the practice of tracking, controlling, and improving the efficiency of energy use. This kind of management can be practiced by any individual who is concerned about the levels of energy he or she is using and who wishes to cut back on the costs of utilities. Energy management systems are normally programs that track energy usage and make it easy for an operator to see when and where energy is being wasted. To choose the best energy management systems, it can first be helpful to determine what level of complexity you require from management software. It can also be helpful to consider factors such as cost and quality.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Features associated with energy management systems vary. Software can be basic and provide users with spreadsheets in which they can fill in data related to energy use. Such a program might generate graphs that allow a user to gain a clearer sense of when the most energy is being used. This ability can help an individual to pinpoint recurring problems, such as leaks and machines that are not switched off properly.

More complex energy management systems can have real-time data monitoring features that allow users to see where and how much energy is being used at any moment. A complex system also might allow a user to control the levels of energy from a workstation. Messages can often be sent through these systems to enable communication among energy operators.

The level of complexity of energy management systems that you choose should depend on the size of your operation. If you run a small business and simply want to know how to lower an electric bill, a basic graphing function may be all that you require. Managers who work for large organizations with a number of locations may need a more complex system that allows them to control energy remotely.

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Cost is often an important factor when it comes to choosing the best energy management systems. It might be helpful to price software that offers all the functions you require to help you determine an average price. Try to fix on a budget that can allow you to purchase an affordable management system without having to sacrifice helpful capabilities.

Quality also varies among energy management systems. Many professionals choose to get recommendations from colleagues who have similar needs and who have already found an energy management system that is dependable. Trade publications often feature informative articles and reviews about energy related subjects that can enable you to make an educated decision.

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