How do I Choose the Best Embosser Machine?

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An embosser machine is a device that presses a three-dimensional image onto paper or thin metal. The most common uses for an embosser machine are to emboss cards, scrapbook layouts, return address envelopes, and other paper crafts. Each buyer should consider cost, types of projects, and desired size of the image when determining the best embosser for their use.

The traditional embosser machine is a hand-held metal tool that creates a seal when pressed. Two metal plates are connected to a handle. One metal plate is flat with no image and serves as the base. The top metal plate contains a reverse raised image of the design or words. Paper is inserted between the two metal plates and the handle is squeezed so the raised image is pressed into the paper.

If the embosser machine is intended to only emboss one image, the traditional embosser works well. It is relatively inexpensive and very durable. This type of embosser is primarily used to emboss a return address on the back flap of an envelope but may also be used to create metal tags or adhesive seals.


Another type of embosser machine is the book style embosser. This device uses a plastic folder style plate that has a negative and positive version of the image on each side and the paper is placed inside the folder then fed through a press that imprints the image. This type of embosser is popular with scrapbook and card makers because the plastic folders are widely available at craft stores and are typically less than $20 US Dollars (USD) to purchase. Many companies sell theme-based folder sets for holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's Day. The theme-based folders are used to create coordinating paper crafts such as holiday cards, invitations, and table decorations.

For larger projects, most crafters opt for an electronic style embosser machine. These machines can make embossed or die cut images depending on the blades used. The images are loaded via a disk or cartridge and include fonts and shapes. There is a keyboard mounted on the top of the embosser machine where the user types in the sentiment or chooses the image to emboss. Once the image is chosen, the user simply presses the start button and the embossing stylus moves along the paper to press the image.

A combination die cutting and embosser machine may cost as much as $400 USD, so they are primarily used by avid crafters or small businesses. The large number of images available, however, do make these types of machines attractive to schools and other creative media outlets. Art classes and groups that create a large number of posters may also want to use the electronic style machine because they can quickly make customized signs or artwork.


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