How Do I Choose the Best Electronic Safe?

Alex Newth

An electronic safe is one that uses an electronic lock with a digital code as its key — though it also may include a standard key lock. Choosing the best electronic safe means getting one large enough to hold all the intended items; it also should have some weight to it, to prevent people from simply walking away with it. Electronic safes that allow users to make custom codes may make it easier to remember the code. This type of safe has an electronic lock that often requires batteries; safes that rarely need battery changes will be among the best. Tamper-proof safes will make it more difficult for robbers to break open the safe, meaning they will be less likely to steal or tamper with the items inside.

Electronic safes have an electronic lock that uses a digital code to open it.
Electronic safes have an electronic lock that uses a digital code to open it.

As with any safe, one of the major considerations in getting an electronic safe is its size. The best safe will be large enough to fit all the intended items, and may even have room left over for extra items. Safes also should have some weight to them, because a robber may just take an entire lightweight safe and break it open somewhere else. If getting a heavier safe is too difficult or inconvenient, a wall-mounted safe also will suffice.

While most electronic safes come with key locks, they are primarily known for keyless entry via an electronic keypad. Users should look for an electronic safe that allows them to make a custom code. The custom code will be easier to remember, and it may make it harder for robbers to open the safe, especially if the company that creates the safe only uses several standard combinations.

The electronic lock relies on battery power to move and operate the locking mechanism. This function uses little battery power, but users should still look for an electronic safe that promises to use a small amount of power, so they can go without changing the batteries for months or years. Users also should check to see how to change batteries and what happens to the safe when the batteries die; the safe may just unlock without battery power, or it may be impossible to open without a key.

Tamper-proof safes are made to prevent tampering and illicit opening and, thus, are more difficult for robbers to open. Users should find an electronic safe that has recessed hinges, a feature that makes it difficult to force the safe open. An electronic safe without recessed hinges can still keep items safe from fire and other hazards, but they may not be as safe against robbers.

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