How Do I Choose the Best Electronic Notebook?

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An electronic notebook primarily is used by scientists to help track information and progress on experiments, and finding the best notebook is important to ensuring that information gathering goes smoothly. If the user wants to transfer files to another computer or to other users, then a file-sharing feature can be beneficial. Security often is a requirement for an electronic notebook, especially if other people are going to be using it at the same time. Many scientists use programs over a range of different operating systems (OSs), and a notebook that can work with all or most OSs may be helpful. A remote access feature can help the user if he needs to get data from the notebook but is not physically near it.

When someone uses an electronic notebook, he or she typically does not use the notebook as the main computer but as a secondary mechanism to carry around and use to record information. The main computer then is typically used for working with the gathered information, but the files need to be transferred. A file-sharing feature should make it easier to move the files from the notebook to the computer, and this is usually faster than emailing or burning the files to the main computer. This also may be beneficial if the user is working with other people who need access to the files.


An electronic notebook is commonly used to record confidential information, so security is typically required. This is especially true if other people are using the same notebook. Having a user permissions list, which governs what each person is able to access based on login information, and encryption can help keep the notebook’s information secure.

Electronic notebook devices are most commonly used by scientists and other professionals who typically require a range of programs for complicated analysis and mathematics. This means users may work with more than one OS on the main computer. A notebook that is able to communicate with all or most OSs can make working between the two devices easier.

Remote access allows someone to access the electronic notebook, or any other computer device, from another computer at a different location. This feature will help the user retrieve information if he or she forgot the notebook at work or home. If the notebook has this feature, then it may be good to check for security that protects the remote access data stream to prevent someone from hacking the stream and collecting the data.


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