How do I Choose the Best Electric Oven?

T. Broderick

Finding the best electric oven depends on much more than an a specific oven's features and reliability. Your preferences and cooking habits are just as important. You should consider what you cook most often and how much space you have before you begin to shop for an electric oven. After assessing your needs, you should perform research on various electric oven models. This will give you enough information to purchase an oven that will give you years of reliable use.

A convection model oven circulates heat throughout the oven using a fan for more even cooking.
A convection model oven circulates heat throughout the oven using a fan for more even cooking.

The most important factor in purchasing an electric oven is the available space in the kitchen. Take measurements and write down the height, length and width of the area for your oven. Having these figures recorded will act as a guide later on in ruling out models that are too large or too small.

After measuring, evaluating your cooking habits and needs will make it much easier to choose an appropriate electric oven. For example, even if there is enough space for a full-size wall oven, you might require only a countertop convection oven if you live alone. No matter the amount of people the oven will cook for, it is best to keep a cooking journal for a few weeks in order to gauge the demands you will put on your new oven. Following these guidelines will narrow down the field of electric ovens and make the task of choosing one less daunting.

Your next step is to research ovens. Some basic knowledge is required before entering the market. All wall-mounted electric ovens have the same basic design as their gas counterparts. A heating element on the bottom cooks food at a selected temperature, and a heating element on the top broils food. Instead of using a flame, an electric oven produces heat by running electricity through a copper coil. Some countertop electric ovens also use convection — the circulation of air using a fan — to cook food.

Visiting a home appliance store will allow you to inspect the ovens up close and talk to professionals about the advantages of certain models. Beyond talking to store employees, the reviews provided by a product-testing service or by a magazine or website for consumers also can be valuable assets when making your purchase. When going to a store, bring both the measurements from earlier and a measuring tape. Though electric ovens will have their dimensions listed, it is safer to check for yourself. Finally, don't forget to shop around, because other stores and online retailers might have a lower price and/or offer a more extensive warranty.

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@raynbow- This type of electric oven is great, but it does have it's pros and cons. While it is nice that the coils are enclosed, cooking on a smooth top oven can be challenging. It's difficult to tell how well your food is cooking until it actually starts to burn, in my opinion. Because of this, you should always cook on a low to medium setting on this type of stove.

Another thing to take into consideration with an oven that has covered coils is that you still have to clean it regularly like you would any other type of stove top. Though it is easy to wipe it down, you do have to use special cleaners when burned food builds up it.


I'm thinking about getting an electric oven with a smooth, closed top over the burners. I like the fact that the coils are not exposed, but I don't know what it's like to cook on this type of cook top. Does anyone have some advice or suggestions?

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