How Do I Choose the Best Easter Appetizer?

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The appetizers at Easter are nearly as important as the dinner itself, as many families spend the whole day together, and want to have foods to snack on before the meal. When choosing the best Easter appetizer, or number of appetizers, you will want to choose something that people will enjoy eating, but will not fill up on too much. Most people also like to serve appetizers that can be eaten as finger foods, rather than creating more dishes that will require clean-up later. With these things in mind, some of the most common choices for an Easter appetizer include deviled eggs, which generally coincide pretty well with the rest of the Easter foods served, as well as various dips and crackers, vegetables, or chips.

Since many people are hard-boiling eggs for Easter anyway, to dye them for an Easter egg hunt, it is easy to just make a larger batch and set some of them aside for deviled eggs, a great Easter appetizer. These are easy to make; though there are many different recipes available, at their most basic, the hard-boiled eggs are cut in half and the yolks removed. They are then mixed with ingredients such as mayonnaise, pickle relish, or mustard; some choose to add additional ingredients like bacon, onion, or other ingredients for extra flavor. The yolk is then spooned back into the egg halves and garnished.


Different types of dips make a great choice for an Easter appetizer as well. Store-bought ones can be perfectly fine, particularly when served with chips or cut vegetables for dipping. There are also a number of different recipes for homemade dips; ones that contain spinach and artichokes are particularly popular, and are great when they are served warm. Crab dips are a great idea as well for an Easter appetizer. These can be served with crackers as well.

In addition to serving crackers with dip, another great choice for an Easter appetizer is serving crackers with specialized toppings. Topping crackers with tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese is simple, but delicious. Cream cheese, cucumber and dill is also a great combination; smoked fish, such as smoked salmon or trout, also makes a great topping for crackers and is a bit fancier than some other things. In addition, asparagus spears -- though it might be necessary to serve these with a plate and fork -- are popular Easter appetizers as well, often wrapped in bacon or ham.


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Post 6

@anamur-- That sounds really good! It reminds me of Greek phyllo pastries with spinach and feta cheese, which are another great Easter appetizer idea.

I also think that people should serve fresh fruits on Easter since it's spring.

Post 5

@SarahGen-- You can serve mini samosas with chutney. I have a coworker who is a Christian from India. She brings samosas as appetizer at Easter parties. I'm sure you've had samosas before-- the fired pastries with potato and peas filling.

The original samosa might be too large as appetizer and fill people up, but you can make or purchase mini samosas. It is usually served with mint and hot pepper chutney.

Different chutneys can also be served as dips with crackers!

Post 4

Deviled eggs are a staple Easter appetizer at my house. I also often serve ham roll-ups and brucchetta on toast or crackers.

I'm probably going to have all of these again this year, but I do want to serve something different. Maybe some ethnic food? I love Indian and Chinese food. Are there any appetizers from these cuisines that can be served on Easter?

Post 3

@Fa5t3r - Well, another option is to make something the day before and just refrigerate it until you need it. My grandmother always used to make so much food you could feed an army and she would make it over several stages during the week.

I honestly always believed she could give a dictator a run for his money, the way she managed to keep control of the kitchen and remember when to defrost things and when to keep them cooling and so forth, so that everything was ready at just the right time.

Family meals are the best. It's a shame it's so difficult to keep family politics out of them!

Post 2

@MrsPramm - Well, we tend to go traditional, which, for us, means stuffed grape leaves. They are kind of fiddly to make, but the girls just make them together in one of our traditions.

We don't follow Christian edicts about eating meat during lent anymore, but I think this used to be the food to break that kind of fast, since we still the leaves with mince and onions.

Deviled eggs are another really good choice, although someone will always make a silly joke about eating something with "devil" in the name on Easter.

Post 1
There are only two things I look for when making an Easter appetizer (aside from the fact that it has to taste good): speed and fun factor.

It is supposed to be a family day and that means I've got to be able to spend time with the family as well. Taking hours out of my day to fiddle with a fancy recipe for food that will disappear within a few minutes is not my idea of a good time.

On the other hand, Easter is one of the more fun holidays with the bunny and the eggs and so on, so if I can find a way to get a laugh out of everyone with the appetizer, that's an extra ten minutes well spent.

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