How Do I Choose the Best Dual Saw?

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Carpenters and other laborers often use several cutting tools to accomplish various tasks on a job site or in a shop. A dual saw is a type of saw that a carpenter or other laborer may use, but the term can refer to more than one type of tool. One type of dual saw is marketed under the brand name DUALSAW®, and this tool features two parallel circular blades that spin in opposite directions to create an efficient and smooth cut. Another type of saw that falls under this label is more accurately known as a dual compound miter saw.

The DUALSAW® is a handheld power tool akin to a circular saw, though this type of dual saw is generally smaller than a circular saw and easier to handle. Like a circular saw, the DUALSAW® will feature a round blade that rotates at a high rate of speed perpendicular to the bottom of the tool. Unlike a traditional circular saw, however, the DUALSAW® features two rotating blades instead of just one, and the two blades will rotate in opposite directions. The concept behind this type of dual saw is to create a smooth cut that will not mar the wood or cause splinters.


The more commonly used type of dual saw is the dual compound miter saw, which is a type of cutting tool that also features a circular blade that rotates at a high rate of speed. This tool is usually stationary rather than handheld, however, and it will feature a pivoting head that allows the user to drop the blade as necessary. The base of the miter saw will support the material to be cut, and this base is often adjustable to stabilize the material in different positions. This allows the user to cut the materials at angles.

The dual compound miter saw will also feature capabilities that allow the user to tilt the motor and cutting head left and right, thereby facilitating angled cuts even further. Like a sliding compound saw, the dual saw will feature bars that allow the head and motor to slide back and forth. This allows a user to cut larger materials that may extend beyond the normal reach of the cutting head. The dual compound miter saw is known as a dual saw because it performs dual functions: sliding along the bars, and tilting the head and motor to create angled cuts.


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