How Do I Choose the Best Dual Epilator?

R. Dhillon

Dual epilators are designed to speed up the hair removal process and provide lasting results by plucking out multiple unwanted hairs simultaneously. There are two major types of dual epilators: those containing two sets of rotating tweezers and those containing a single set of rotating tweezers as well as a blade. To determine which dual epilator is right for you, figure out which features you require, such as battery or plug-in operation, where you'll be using the epilator, and which sizes will help you remove hair quickly and thoroughly.

An epilator may be used to remove unwanted underarm hair.
An epilator may be used to remove unwanted underarm hair.

Both types of dual epilators can speed up the hair removal process when compared to standard epilators. A dual epilator with two sets of rotating tweezers usually contains more tweezers than other types of devices. Since there are more tweezers, the epilator might pull out more hairs in a single rotation and help you remove unwanted hair more quickly. A dual epilator with a razor on one end of the epilating head will shave off the hairs that the tweezers miss, so you might not have to shave with a separate razor after you finish epilating.

An epilator may be used to remove hair from the bikini area.
An epilator may be used to remove hair from the bikini area.

Epilators can be powered by batteries, with alternating current (AC) power, or a combination of the two. Battery-powered epilators are powered using disposable or rechargeable batteries and provide convenience, since they don't have to be plugged into an outlet. An AC-powered epilator, however, will not run out of power while it is in use, since it is plugged into a power outlet. This might be more suitable than using a battery-powered epilator if you plan on epilating for long periods of time. A model of dual epilator that runs on both batteries and AC power may provide the most convenience.

Some dual epilators provide speed controls, built-in lights, and interchangeable heads. Speed control allows you to set the speed of rotation for the tweezers, allowing you to control the amount of pain you feel, or remove hair at a faster rate. A built-in light can help you spot fine hairs or navigate the epilator more easily in rooms that aren't well lit. Epilators that come with interchangeable heads might provide epilating heads of different sizes and heads containing razors. By changing these, you can remove hair from more areas of the body and trim it to an appropriate length before epilating.

Some epilators require you to use them on dry skin, while others support wet and dry hair removal. Some people find dry epilating to be inconvenient, since they have to clean up the hair when finished. A wet or wet/dry dual epilator allows you to epilate in the bath or shower, so you can wash the hair away when you're done. If you want to epilate in the bathtub, find out if the epilator can be fully immersed in water. Epilators that can't be fully immersed might not be suitable for use in tubs.

Dual epilators have varying head sizes, and in some models, they pivot. You might find that epilators with large heads that don't pivot are hard to maneuver. These types might not cover as many areas as those that have pivoting or smaller heads. When selecting a dual epilator, you should also find a product that has a non-slip handle that's easy to hold. In general, it is easier to remove unwanted hair when your hand is comfortable, and you’ll be less likely to hurt yourself if the epilator stays where you put it.

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