How do I Choose the Best Dry Skin Lotion?

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The best dry skin lotion is one that is suited to the area on the body that is being treated, offers the right amount of hydration, and also helps to address any skin conditions other than dryness. There are a number of lotions that are formulated for specific parts of the body. There are lotions for dry skin on the hands, feet, face, and the body as a whole. Dry skin lotion that is intended for the face is usually not strong enough for dry skin on the feet, just as dry skin lotion for the hands is probably much too thick to use on the face and may cause the face to become too oily or break out. When possible, it is also good to choose a dry skin lotion that helps to treat issues in addition to dry skin such as the signs of aging, discoloration in the skin, and even acne.


There are many kinds of dry skin lotion on the market that are formulated to treat dry skin while also treating one or two other skin conditions. There are quite a few kinds of lotion that treat dry skin while also helping to firm the skin to reduce the signs of aging. There are also lotions that treat dry skin while also helping to fade discoloration that may be the result of skin damage, acne scars, or scars from small cuts or scrapes that have affected just the top layers of the skin.

For very dry skin on areas such as the hands and feet, it is sometimes best to use a thick balm instead of a dry skin lotion. For this sort of dry skin, lotion may be too thin or weak and may not be able to offer the right level of hydration. For dry skin on the face and on most other areas of the body, however, dry skin lotion will usually suffice.

Some people with very dry skin have to use prescription-strength dry skin lotion. This sort of dry skin may or may not be related to another medication that the person is taking. In cases of severely dry skin where the skin cracks, chafes, or bleeds, it is important to see a doctor to determine whether this kind of prescription-strength dry skin lotion may be necessary. Another sign that a person might need this kind of lotion is chronic itching and the constant shedding of flakes of dry skin.


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Post 3

I like vitamin E lotion for dry skin. Vitamin E has healing properties and helps skin cells renew themselves.

I also like vaseline dry skin lotion. If I can't find one with vaseline, I look for lotions that have glycerin or petroleum jelly in it because both of these create a barrier on skin and lock in moisture. My skin stays hydrated longer with these ingredients.

I heard good things about aloe vera lotions as well but I haven't tried them. It might be good for dry skin though because aloe vera is good for sunburns.

Has anyone tried aloe vera lotion for dry skin?

Post 2

@burcinc-- Have you tried cocoa butter lotion? There is a brand of it that's very affordable and available at most stores. It has real cocoa butter in it and is a great lotion for very dry skin.

I have dry skin mainly due to genes (I'm African American) and this is the only lotion that works for me. I also can't afford anything too expensive but this lotion doesn't break the bank!

Post 1

There are lots of dry skin lotions on the market, but they're too expensive for my budget.

Is there a lotion that's both affordable and effective for dry skin?

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