How Do I Choose the Best Drums?

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Choosing drums that will best suit your needs may involve a number of factors. Since there are so many different kinds of drums, a primary determination is what type you want to get. How much you want to pay is also a significant factor, as prices may range from cheap to very expensive. Other considerations include brand or manufacturer, drum color or style, and drum accessories that you may want to purchase.

Where you buy drums can be important. Some people choose to go to music stores that sell percussion instruments, while other people opt to use mail order catalogs or Internet sellers. If a low cost is essential to you, it may be wise to investigate all supply sources available to you, looking for the lowest prices and clearance-priced items. You also may wish to buy used or secondhand instruments at a lower cost.

Determine what type of drums you want to buy. For instance, if you are searching for hand drums, such as bongos or congas, there are a number of things to think about. Some people are entirely satisfied with mass-produced hand percussion, while others may prefer to purchase handmade items. For example, some people may choose to buy an authentic, hand-crafted African drum, but mass-produced items also may fit your needs.


There are many aspects to consider when shopping for a drum set or drum kit as well. Some people, especially those with a significant amount of money to spend, choose to purchase name brand items because they want high-quality items and the prestige of using a certain brand. Other people may be satisfied with drums produced by any manufacturer as long as they meet an individual’s standards of quality.

Some people may choose to purchase some form of electronic drum. Synthetic drum pads often are used as substitutes for traditional drum sets. Some people find this type of percussion more favorable to regular forms for a number of reasons. For example, the synthetic instruments may produce a wider range of sound options on a relatively small system, which enables a musician to carry or purchase less equipment.

There may be optional and essential accessories you may want to think about when determining the price range for your drums. For instance, drum sets often require drumsticks and a stool, and items such as cymbals and cowbells are commonly used with drum sets as well. Additionally, drum carrying cases are also a good idea if you intend to transport the instruments often.


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