How Do I Choose the Best Dress Tape?

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When choosing dress tape, you should consider the size and shape of the tape as well as its efficacy at holding your clothing in place. In addition, you want to pay attention to whether the adhesive on the tape is easily removed from your skin or garments. Other considerations include the affordability of the different types of dress tape that are available to you. Finally, if you have skin sensitivities and plan to affix the tape directly onto your skin, you will want to test the tape to make sure that it will not trigger a reaction.

Dress tape, sometimes called “lingerie tape" or “fashion tape,” helps to hold garments and accessories in place. The tape is coated with adhesive on both sides so you can affix one side to your skin and the other side to the garment that you need to stay put. One common usage of dress tape is by women who are concerned with a low-cut neckline slipping and revealing too much. These women typically affix the tape either to their chest and shoulders or to their bra straps and then press the neckline of their garment onto the tape.


Many companies offer dress tape in a variety of sizes. While it is possible to buy a roll of one-size-fits-all dress tape, other firms sell kits that include dress tape in many different shapes and sizes. These tape pieces are typically sized and shaped for use with specific garments and at certain parts of the body. If you are only concerned about garment fit at certain points in your body, buying an assortment may not make much sense as you need to use only one particular shape. On the other hand, if you use garment tape on various parts of your body, an assortment may be a good idea.

Another thing to consider is dress tape packaging. Some companies sell the tape with a convenient carrying case so that you can slip tape into your purse or handbag in case you need it while you are out and about. Again, this is a matter of personal preference. If you don’t need a carrying case, you may not want to pay extra for brands that include it.

It is a good idea to try out a dress tape before wearing it to a special occasion. Try wearing it with an older, inexpensive garment so you can make sure that it is easily removed from fabric. In cases where you plan to wear it on your skin, try a small piece on your arm for a day. If you get a reaction, don’t use the tape or apply it only to your undergarments instead of your body.


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