How do I Choose the Best Discount School Supplies?

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Discount school supplies are available on-site in department and office supply stores as well as online. These resources are available to parents, students and teachers. To find the best discount school supplies, consider quality and value rather than price alone. Buying large amounts of paper just because it's discounted is poor value unless it's the type and quality you need and will use. A good thing to keep in mind whether shopping online or on-site for school supplies is that many companies will honor the coupons or discount prices of another company to get your business.

Companies willing to match competitor's prices on discount school supplies usually advertise that they will meet or even beat a lower comparable price. If they beat competitor’s prices, it’s often by 10 percent. It’s important to make sure the quality and the amount of items per package are the same or the savings won't be of value. Look through website or print catalogs to find comparable product details. If you really want to save money, be careful not to be tempted to buy extra school supplies or other products you really don't need.


If you're a teacher buying discount school supplies for your classroom or the whole school, companies that give volume or teachers-only discounts are ideal. Consider buying school supplies with other teachers to get better discounts and then share the price difference. Most teachers school supply stores and websites have a wide range of products available — even furniture such as children’s work tables with chairs.

When shopping locally, compare weekly specials. Most department and office supply stores have weekly flyers with discount specials each week. It's best to stock up on discount school supplies on the first day of the sale for the best selection. Buy one get one (BOGO) discounts on school supplies can be found both online and in on-site stores.

Remember to consider shipping costs when buying school supplies online. Many online discount school supply companies offer free shipping, so it's important to compare not just prices alone, but to look at the total cost involved. Take time to check out the offerings of many different companies before choosing a short list of school supply stores from which to purchase your needed items.


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Teachers and other types of school faculty should also consider purchasing various school supplies at variety stores. Though they may keep every type of school supply in stock, these types of stores often have much lower prices that specialty stores. In addition, basic items like crayons, pencils, scissors, paper, and glue are almost always available for good prices at variety stores.

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Sometimes you can find various school supplies at discount and dollar stores. Though it is not always best to purchase certain items from these low-priced stores, supplies like paper, pencils, and some specialty items can be found at great, low prices.

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