How do I Choose the Best Discount Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?

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The hardware that you select for your kitchen will instantly define the feel of your entire kitchen. While there are plenty of designer options on the market, there are also some great discount kitchen cabinet hardware options to choose from. You don't have to break the bank in order to show off your personal style, but you may have to choose between knobs and pulls -- a difficult choice for most people.

There is no hard and fast rule for deciding upon knobs or pulls for your cabinets. Some people prefer to match the look of cabinets to an existing kitchen door by selecting either knobs or pulls for both. While this is one way of making your discount kitchen cabinet hardware decision easier, it is not the only strategy available. In fact, some people find that mixing and matching knobs and pulls is the best way to go.

Should you decide on a mismatched option, consider outfitting one section of your kitchen with knobs, and another section with pulls. This design plan will ensure a uniform look without creating a boring space. Aside from the look of different discount kitchen cabinet hardware, it is also important to think about the many different options on the market. Once you begin to do a bit of research, you will likely find that there are more knob designs than there are pull designs.


Knobs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Contrastingly, pulls are fairly standard, though some different designs can be found. Manufacturers regularly make thousands of different knobs that tend to wind up as part of a discount kitchen cabinet hardware selection, while pulls may not be as heavily discounted. Therefore, choosing to outfit your kitchen with knobs may mean a wider selection at lower prices.

No matter what style of discount kitchen cabinet hardware you choose, it is crucial that you select hardware made from quality materials. Glass knobs are aesthetically pleasing, though they may chip and break over time. Plastic knobs are not as nice to look at, though they are durable. Also, be sure to check with each manufacturer to find out why the hardware has been discounted before purchasing any discount knobs or pulls.

Sometimes, manufacturers will discount items that break easily. Unless you plan to replace your kitchen hardware within a year or two, it pays to know why the hardware you like is available at a lower price. By following the steps listed above, you are sure to find hardware that you can admire for a long time to come.


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Post 5

I have been looking online lately, and there are a ton of sites that offer discount cabinet knobs and pulls. I've compared some of them to similar types at home improvement stores, and they are 50 percent less in some cases for almost identical hardware.

I think as long as the site offers some sort of warranty or quality guarantee (and most of them do), there's really no reason not to shop there. You're able to see everything online from the convenience of your house.

The only potential problem is making sure the screws will fit the pre-existing holes. It's not so much a problem if the screws end up being too bid - you can just drill new holes. If they're too small, though, you'll have some wiggling problems.

Post 4

@jcraig - I'll second buying extra hardware. Besides it being good to have a spare on hand, sometimes companies will discontinue certain lines. If it's been a few years since you bought the hardware, it will probably be impossible to find an exact match to replace the broken piece.

I think it is really good how most home improvement stores set up displays showing all of the cabinet hardware options.

Personally, I am a fan of having knobs for my cabinets and pulls for the drawers. Most of the time, companies will make sets of matching knobs and pulls so that you can mix and match. I think the best value is getting the kinds that have a mix of plastic and metal. They always look really nice and are fairly durable.

Post 3

@kentuckycat - Good points. I've had the same problem with my silverware drawer knobs. If you're buying cheaper hardware, I would suggest just getting a few extra replacement knobs. For a couple of dollars, they won't break the bank, and it's always good to have a spare. Even with good knobs, you'll start to have some wear and tear and need to replace them eventually.

One of the other tips I've found for increasing the life of knobs is making sure that they are always tight on the cabinet or drawer. Whenever the knob gets loose, it makes it easier for the threads to start getting stripped or for the screw to get bent.

Post 2

In my experience, there's really no reason to pay a lot of money for kitchen hardware unless there is a design that you just can't live without. I like to change my hardware every couple of years just for a different look, so I always go the discount route and have had success.

Personally, I like to go with knobs with everything. Like the article said, these are usually easier to find, too. I think one of the reasons certain types of cabinet door knobs are discounted is because the threads for the screws tend to strip relatively easily. This happens fairly often on my silverware drawer, because it is heavy and gets opened a lot. Considering the money you're saving, it's not really a problem replacing it after a couple years.

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