How do I Choose the Best Discount Heart Rate Monitors?

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Before purchasing any discount heart rate monitors, it is important to do some research to find out what makes a good heart rate monitor, and which brands are reputable. You will want to find out why the unit is discounted in the first place — it may be an old model year, or it may be an off-brand that does not work very well, so be sure to research carefully. Research equally as carefully into the website or store selling the unit to make sure it is a reputable establishment that has a track record of good customer service.

Generally speaking, you should gauge the quality of discount heart rate monitors in the same way that you would gauge the quality of any type of heart rate monitor, but you will need to be especially careful to avoid getting ripped off. Some models may be refurbished models, which means they were sent back to the company to be repaired. This may or may not void any warranty that originally came with the unit, so be sure to ask. Other units may be in perfectly good working condition, but they may be a model year or two model years old. These are the best discount heart rate monitors to consider, especially if they are from well-known and reputable brands.


While it is not necessary to avoid off-name brands altogether, you will want to carefully consider the construction and function of these brands before purchasing. Remember, too, that purchasing an off-brand monitor may prevent you from getting replacement parts in the future, if necessary. Well-known and reputable heart rate monitor manufacturers often offer decent warranties and will stock replacement parts should the unit break or fail for any reason.

Make sure the discount heart rate monitors you are considering include the features you are looking for, and be sure they include up to date technology. Monitors often include target heart rate zone indicators, calorie counters, stopwatches, and waterproofing for swimmers and other athletes who may be exposed to moisture. Look carefully at the features of any discount heart rate monitors you are considering to find out if they suit your needs and are up to date, easy to use, and clearly displayed on the monitor's receiver unit, which is usually a wristwatch. Look for quality construction both on the watch receiver unit and on the chest band monitor.


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