How do I Choose the Best Diet for Breast Cancer?

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When choosing the best diet to aid in fighting or recovering from breast cancer, it is important to make sure to include a wide variety of foods. The best thing to do for a body battling breast cancer is to maintain a healthy, balanced, low-fat diet. Making sure your body is as healthy as possible, including taking adequate doses of the proper vitamins and minerals, is the most important thing to remember when choosing the best diet for breast cancer.

More specifically, diets rich in fiber and antioxidants, B vitamins, calcium, and protein are essential for people with breast cancer. Eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily provides the body with the fiber and antioxidants the body needs while fighting breast cancer cells. Whole grains will provide essential B vitamins and fiber, and should replace white or processed carbohydrates.

High calcium levels in the diet are important for promoting bone health, which cancer treatments may negatively affect. Calcium can be incorporated into the diet through low-fat dairy. Additionally, the best diet for breast cancer patients includes high levels of protein, which can be achieved by eating beans, poultry, fish, lean meats, nuts and seeds.


Alcohol, junk food, white and processed carbohydrates, and sometimes soy need to be removed from the diet of a person with breast cancer. If a person has hormone-sensitive cancer, large quantities of soy can have a negative effect on the body. High levels of alcohol, junk food and processed carbohydrates can lead to excess body fat that may inhibit the body’s ability to recuperate from cancer or cancer treatments.

A low body weight can also help decrease the chances of getting breast cancer. People with high levels of body fat are often more prone to developing breast cancer. Research has shown that the best diet for breast cancer patients is one low in fat, at least in part because of the link between a low-fat diet and a person's lower body weight and body fat levels.

A low-fat diet can also help decrease the chances of recurrence, and help the patient handle the side effects of cancer treatment. The best diet for breast cancer patients, during and after cancer treatments, has a balance of the aforementioned vitamins and nutrients. This can help patients regain their strength and rebuild cancer-damaged tissues.

The biggest challenge for people with breast cancer who are trying to maintain a proper diet is eating well during treatment. Cancer treatment is often accompanied by side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. Having little or no desire to eat can make it even harder for a person to maintain a well-balanced diet.


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Nice article. Lovely information. Yes, I have read at other places too, that overweight people have more chances of developing breast cancer. So by stopping taking in fats, every women can save herself from breast cancer. But there is one more problem: junk food and alcohol. These are also dangerous for breast cancer so avoid them as well.

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