How do I Choose the Best Diabetic Multivitamin?

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The best way to pick a diabetic multivitamin is to focus on finding the proper balance of vitamins and minerals on the nutritional label. Though there are several specifically formulated brands for diabetics, they are not regulated, and may not necessarily be the optimum choice. Diabetics should use supplements with magnesium and chromium in the formula, in addition to a sufficient balance of the vitamins needed by most individuals. It is also wise to consult a physician before purchasing a supplement.

In order to find an optimum supplement, it is best to read labels carefully when purchasing a specially-formulated diabetic multivitamin. Ingredients of these supplements are not regulated for specific efficacy in the specialty they advertise. The contents are up to the discretion of the vitamin manufacturer. For this reason, it is often better to search for particular vitamins, rather than going by packaging alone.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals to search for in a diabetic multivitamin as it helps to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It can also help to delay the onset of type two diabetes and the conditions associated with it, such as retinopathy, nephropathy, and cardiovascular disease. There should be a 25% daily requirement of magnesium in the supplement. There is not a vitamin available that contains 100% of the daily requirement of magnesium, because it would not fit on one pill.


Another important mineral to look for in a diabetic multivitamin is chromium. This mineral is believed to lower levels of insulin and improve the metabolism of blood sugar in individuals with diabetes. It can also help to manage glucose levels in the blood. There should be 100% of the daily requirement for chromium in a supplement for diabetics.

In addition to minerals that are specifically beneficial to diabetics, it is also important to find a sufficient general blend of other vitamins and minerals necessary for good health. It is best to have 100% of the daily requirement for folic acid, niacin, copper, and zinc in a multivitamin. Supplements should also have the same daily percentage of vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. The B vitamins include B1, B2, B6, and B12.

There is no particular form of diabetic multivitamin that is more effective than the rest. Tablets, capsules, drinks, and chewable pills are all good choices. It has also not been proven that time-release vitamins are any more effective than the typical variety. It is a good idea to examine a few different kinds of diabetic multivitamins, as a less expensive brand may be just as effective, if not better, than a pricier label.


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Post 3

@ZipLine-- I'm not sure what the daily requirement is but I take 200 mcg of chromium daily. It has actually reduced my daily blood sugar readings.

Post 2

I am a diabetic and I have been taking magnesium, but not for diabetes. I have been taking it for anxiety so I guess I'm getting double the benefit from it.

I still need to get a proper diabetic vitamin supplement for myself though, especially one with chromium. I have not been taking chromium at all. What the required chromium dose for diabetes, what's the daily requirement?

Post 1

I'm a type two diabetic and I'm using an anti-diabetic tablet medication. My doctor said that I should take B vitamins and zinc regularly because the medication that I'm on affects the absorption of these.

Most vitamin supplements don't have a lot of B vitamins and zinc in them. They usually have a lot of vitamin C, E and A and very small amounts of everything else. So I take my B vitamins and zinc separately. I thought I would share this here for other type 2 diabetics.

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