How Do I Choose the Best DHEA Cream?

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Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) cream helps heal skin damage, increase energy, improve mood and muscle tone. The chemical may turn into estrogen or testosterone once it is absorbed into the body. It is important to use creams that will not expose the person to unsafe levels of DHEA. When choosing a DHEA cream, individuals can select formulas that are specific to gender, concentration and dosage.

Since hormone levels can decline drastically as the body ages, individuals may decide to try to fight off the signs of aging with DHEA cream. Applying the cream can help to restore a more youthful appearance to the skin by increasing elasticity and reducing wrinkles. In addition, since the chemicals contained in the cream increase hormone production, conditions such as mild adrenal fatigue can be reversed. Factors traditionally associated with aging, such as short-term memory loss, might also be improved with the use of a DHEA cream.

Some manufacturers produce creams specific to gender. For example, a DHEA cream formulated for women attempts to address specific aging concerns. These creams help increase metabolism and promote weight loss, especially in the abdomen area. Another concern that women generally have as they age is bone density.


A DHEA cream formulated for women can often help increase the body's ability to absorb calcium. It can also help address mild depression and moodiness that may be linked to declining progesterone levels leading up to and following menopause. Other side benefits include a stronger immune system and lower cholesterol.

Individuals considering DHEA cream options might also want to look at dosage amounts. Concentrations can vary and it is crucial to monitor blood levels when taking DHEA supplements. An imbalance in testosterone and estrogen levels can lead to the development of tumors, some of which may turn out to be cancerous. Those who are closer to the age of 25 will want to choose a lower concentration since the body's natural production of DHEA doesn't start declining until after this point.

For those who may have a tough time monitoring dosage, there are creams that come in a pump style. Dosage amounts are pre-measured and administered more accurately through the pump feature. Supplemental ingredients may be an important factor for some. If the cream's intended use is primarily for skin in the face area, it would be good to choose a product that is non-comedogenic.

People who are sensitive to perfumes and dyes might want to select a cream that contains all-natural or organic ingredients. Soothing additives such as vitamin E or aloe could prove to be beneficial for those with dry skin. Affordability and ease of ordering are additional considerations.


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Post 3

I think everyone should read reviews of DHEA creams before buying one because mine doesn't seem to be working at all. I bought it for anti-aging and have been using it for two months but there is no change.

Post 2

@candyquilt-- I'm not sure how much DHEA my DHEA cream contains. The product actually doesn't say but you got me curious about that so I might call the manufacturer and ask. I do know that the cream is working though because I am experiencing benefits like better energy, better metabolism, better libido and more defined muscles.

I selected the DHA cream I'm using basically because I like the packaging. That might sound like a bad idea, but I hate it when creams come in large jars. Those are not hygienic and make it difficult to know how much to use. A pump bottle is perfect because it pumps the perfect amount and the product remains clean.

Post 1

DHEA can cause negative side effects, so it's important to use a cream with a low concentration of DHEA. Also, women in menopause and who have a breast fibroadenoma should not used DHEA supplements. Since DHEA increases estrogen levels, it can cause fibroadenomas to grow or turn cancerous. Although the amount of DHEA entering the body through cream is less than the amount from oral supplements, it's still better to avoid DHEA. My mother has a fibroadenoma and her doctor has told her to avoid all types of estrogen supplements.

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