How Do I Choose the Best Designer Perfume?

Nicky Sutton

Choose the best designer perfume by visiting your local perfume store and discussing the types of scents you prefer. Perfumes are created with different scent elements such as citrus, oceanic or leather, and the store assistant will be knowledgeable on which designer perfumes contain your favorite elements. Consider the occasion or time of day you wish to wear your designer perfume and how much you are willing to pay.

A bottle of perfume.
A bottle of perfume.

Visit your local perfume store and ask to try some designer perfumes. Try only three or four perfumes during your visit because your sense of smell becomes desensitized with the more scents you try. Smelling more than four perfumes can result in each scent seeming similar. Visit the perfume store again another time when your sense of smell is clear, if you cannot choose your perfume quickly.

Your sense of smell will become desensitized after smelling about 3 or 4 perfumes.
Your sense of smell will become desensitized after smelling about 3 or 4 perfumes.

To minimize the number of perfumes you try at the perfume store, gain an idea of the designers you like before you go. When you smell a scent that you like on another person, ask them what perfume they are wearing. Note down the brands and designers that they tell you, and take them along to the perfume store.

Designer perfume is available with many different elements to scents. A floral bouquet is a perfume made of a combination of several different floral scents. Single floral is the scent of only one flower, such as a rose. Woody perfume has tones of wood, for example, cedar or agarwood. Citrus scents like lemon or lime are fresh and delicious.

Pay attention to different elements of scents such as sweetness, freshness and muskiness, and decide on your favorites. Think about whether you prefer a modern oceanic style or a more traditional floral scent. Revisit your existing perfume collection to investigate the elements you have chosen in the past. Your choice also depends on the occasion or time of day you wish to wear your designer perfume. Lighter scents are often preferred in the daytime, and heavier, more alluring scents are suitable for the evening.

Tell the perfume store assistant which elements of scents make up the perfect designer perfume for you. They will be knowledgeable about designer perfumes and the different ranges of scents available. Let the store assistant know how much you are willing to spend on a perfume or cologne before they offer scents for you to choose from.

You can use paper tester strips to test perfume or cologne in store, as these prevent you from smelling of a range of different scents when you leave the store. Preferably, you should test the designer perfume on your own skin if you are buying it for yourself, because each person’s skin is different. Do not wear your own perfume to the perfume store as it will interfere with your sense of smell and your ability to choose a perfume.

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