How Do I Choose the Best Dental Wipes?

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In order to choose the best dental wipes, buyers should think about the materials used in these hygienic products and how they are made for specific intended uses. Different kinds of dental wipes are available for very different uses, and designed with different kinds of cleaning ingredients. Shoppers should understand the ingredients of cleaning agents and how they will apply to dental solutions for either humans or animals.

Buyers can choose dental wipes that are used on cats and dogs, or on babies or older humans. This makes a big difference in the specific kinds of dental wipe products that buyers will be looking for. Part of finding the best products involves explorations of what animal or human teeth need to maintain a good hygienic result. Buyers can also look at whether these products contain peripheral treatment elements like whiteners, or whether they are mainly used to control bacteria or preserve dental sanitation.


Another big issue with dental wipes involves how these hygienic products are formulated. Companies will put different cleaning ingredients into a dental wipe product. In some cases, these products will contain advanced chemical additives that will help to preserve enamel, limit the spread of harmful bacteria, or promote dental health in other ways. For example, many dental wipes marketed for pets included two items called acetic acid and HMP; these dual products are said to be effective in sequestering or binding minerals, which will theoretically decrease the buildup of plaque into tartar and inhibit tooth decay.

As a further consideration, shoppers can look at how dental wipe products are packaged for distribution and use. Since these products are usually used one at a time, it’s helpful to have a container that allows for resealing and easy access to single wipes, to keep the remaining product fresh for future use. The best dental wipes have a long shelf life, since buyers often purchase large packs and use them over a long period of time.

For dental wipes that are used on infants or other humans, buyers can get more information about the best products from consumer information groups or from professional dental groups. Some resources from national or regional societies of dentists will help show consumers which retail products are most effective for home dental care. For animal dental wipes, veterinarian societies can provide similar useful information.


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@talentryto- I have used dental wipes to clean my dog's teeth, and I think they work very well. He would never tolerate me cleaning his teeth with a toothbrush, so I think that wipes are an easy alternative.

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Using dental wipes on a pet's teeth sounds like the easiest way to clean its teeth, much easier than using a toothbrush. But do they really work?

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