How do I Choose the Best Decoupage Kits?

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The best decoupage kits include the items that you need to make a completed project, and whether you are buying the kits for yourself or someone else, the best kits depend on the skill level of the crafter and the complexity of the projects. The best decoupage kits for beginners are those that include the basic supplies needed to learn the art of decoupage and to complete a first project. More advanced crafters will prefer kits that offer a wider array of exotic images and finishes instead of basic decoupage supplies.

Beginner's decoupage kits should offer everything needed to get started with the craft. Paper cutouts, decoupage glue and a foam applicator should be included in a basic beginner's kit. The best beginner's decoupage kits scissors, additional image sheets and an object to decorate in addition to the basics. Look for beginner's kits in big box stores and in the paper aisle of craft supply stores. If a beginner's kit does not include scissors, a pair of manicure or embroidery scissors can be used instead.


Home decorators and do-it-yourself fans can seek out decoupage kits designed to add an image to a wall, tile or accessory. These kits come with everything needed to complete the specific project shown on the cover, and they can be found in home decorating and hardware supply retailers. These kits are very handy for adding colorful images to a home, but they generally contain only enough paper varnish and decoupage sheets to complete the design on the package. These kits are best used for their intended purpose and are not as flexible as those created for the general crafting market.

Decoupage kits for paper artists and experienced crafters contain the highest-quality paper cutouts or decoupage sheets, and they usually combine several sheets or images of the same theme. Advanced decoupage kits do not contain basic supplies but might have unusual or special-purpose decoupage glues, such as diamond glazes, sparkle varnish or crackle finishes. Advanced kits are best for crafters who already know the basics of decoupage and want to expand their skills and image selection.

The last type of decoupage kit is one that features tools only. These are most helpful for artisans who already have a lot of decoupage images on hand but find it less expensive to purchase decoupage kits instead of individual supplies. This type of decoupage kit is also perfect for bringing along to a paper crafting workshop or class, ensuring that the student will have everything needed for the program.


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