How do I Choose the Best Decoupage Ideas?

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To help you choose the best decoupage ideas, it can be a good idea to first view other people's finished projects, then look at different craft book options. You may also want to consider taking a decoupage class. It's important to choose decoupage ideas that match well with both your interests and skill level.

Beginner's decoupage books or booklets give learners the basics of the craft. They'll learn how to use decoupage medium as well as apply basic techniques in adding paper cutouts to different surfaces to create simple projects. If you're just beginning in the craft of decoupage, it's best to first start with projects done on a flat surface, such as the top of a small side table. Flat surfaces can also allow you to work more easily with the varnish or polyurethane needed to protect the surface of your cutout paper crafts.

The best intermediate decoupage ideas often involve expanding on beginner techniques such as in creating colored paper cutouts from many different kinds of papers, such as those with texture or shine. If you're at an intermediate stage in decoupaging, you may want to have fun using many different types of materials in your projects such as fabric, candy wrappers, foil, paper doilies, postcards and ribbon. Learning how to use special paint effects as a background, or backdrop, for decoupage cutouts can give more sophistication and artistic appeal to your projects as well.


Adding a sense of depth and the illusion of some cutouts appearing far away in the project, while making others seem closer also can make your decoupage projects look artistic. This type of perspective is one of the best advanced decoupage ideas, as many different details can be used in the piece without it being overwhelming if the sense of closeness versus distance is achieved. Learning how to add gold leaf when decoupaging is another advanced technique that can make your projects look elegant and sophisticated.

When choosing a decoupage class to learn new techniques and ideas, pay attention to the projects the class is scheduled to make. If the types of boxes, plates, pictures or other decoupaged pieces don't interest you, it's best to pick another class to attend. If there's a display of artist's decoupaged pieces at your local art gallery, try to take some time to view these to help inspire you to come up with your own decoupage ideas for projects.


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Post 4

When my granddaughters visit, we are always looking for fun ways to spend the afternoon. This often includes some kind of craft.

One of their favorites is using decoupage for card making. They love to make cards for other family members and using the decoupage is fun to do and doesn't make much of a mess.

The cards always look more finished after the decoupage dries, and they are excited to share their finished projects.

Post 3

I work one night a week with junior high girls and am always looking for some fun craft ideas for them.

One easy project we recently did involved using decoupage. I had several different magazines for them to cut pictures out of that interested them. Once they found their pictures, we would decoupage them on to tin cans. This gave them a shiny, smooth look.

They could then use these cans as pencil holders or anything else they wanted. I had one done ahead of time before class so they would have an example to follow.

My example was a "Spring" theme with pictures of spring flowers and words that described spring.

Working with decoupage is usually an inexpensive but fun craft project for many age ranges.

Post 2

There are lots of great books that offer all kinds of arts and crafts ideas. You can find everything from card making ideas to decoupage craft ideas. The one book I found that I love has oodles of craft ideas for adults in it, and shows you how you can decoupage the various things in your home to give it a really personal touch.

My mother and I recently started a huge project and ended up using decoupage on my headboard. The bed now looks fantastic with such a stunning backdrop and I am glad we went for it. I would never have thought of that decoupage idea if it wasn't for my books.

Post 1

One of the best things to help you choose decoupage ideas are your friends. Having others around you that craft can make life a lot easier when it comes time to decide what accent piece of furniture is ready for a makeover.

My friends and I have a craft club and we share craft supplies, craft ideas and we often do decoupage crafts together for fun. Whether it is something large like a dresser, or a smaller piece like a lamp, we are there for one another.

Without my friends I would never have been able to choose whether to decoupage my end tables or my coffee table.

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