How Do I Choose the Best Dead Sea Tour?

Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best Dead Sea tour, you should compare the costs of various trips with what is included and what you hope to get out of the excursion. For example, rather than just sightseeing alone, being able to experience the unique effects of the Dead Sea's minerals by floating in it makes the tour worthwhile for many. Many tourists also appreciate a chance to coat themselves with mud from the Dead Sea before rinsing off, as it's thought to have skin-refreshing and therapeutic properties. Think about how long you'd like to spend in the area as well as the mode of travel in which you're most interested.

The salts of the Dead Sea accumulate on the shore.
The salts of the Dead Sea accumulate on the shore.

For instance, if you're already staying in the area and want an overnight tour or a trip to the Dead Sea that lasts several days, choosing an option that offers both pick up and drop off at your hotel can be ideal. On the other hand, if you've got your hopes set on a cruise that also includes ports in nearby or en route countries, choosing a Dead Sea tour that is part of a ship's itinerary may be a better option. Cruise vacations of two weeks or more often include an overnight excursion to the Dead Sea.

It can be beneficial to do some research to help you decide what other sights you may like to visit in the Dead Sea area, as there are many tour packages that include several stops. Old churches in the ancient Jordan city of Petra are popular for many as is the view from nearby Mount Nebo where Moses is said to have been buried. If you do hope to choose a Dead Sea tour in which you'll be able to take a therapeutic mud bath and float in the water, make sure that the details clearly mention this. Also ensure that you'll have the necessary items such as a swimsuit, towel and sandals along with you.

When comparing the different tour offerings of several Dead Sea travel companies, find the value of each trip by looking at what you'll get for the amount of money spent. For example, if two tour companies offer similar pricing, but one includes a trip to the Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and this is an attraction you want to see, that may make your mind up. Remember though to consider comfort factors, such as an air-conditioned bus, as this may make a big difference in which Dead Sea tour you're likely to enjoy more despite the extra stop.

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