How Do I Choose the Best Danish Modern Chair?

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Choosing a Danish modern chair can be a simple matter of locating some great, obscure find in a yard sale, or going shopping to the modern furniture store down the road. For well over a century, Danish furniture styling has produced a wide array of modernistic furniture pieces. Antiques may feature the signature sleek lines of the Danish style and not only be right at home in any contemporary room decor, but may steal the limelight. Selecting the best chair for your needs requires balancing utility, flair, and design. It may also depend on how you assess value of a piece versus cost, and assessments of genuine versus replica or antique varieties.

This furniture is characterized by classic modern aesthetics and is sometimes the furniture style people think of when they hear the word retro. The furniture came into vogue after World War I, when Danish factories began producing furniture aimed at modern lifestyles of simple yet stylish minimalism. Often characterized by light, durable wood native to Scandinavian regions, the designs grew to accommodate materials such as glass, leather, and tubular steel. Woods such as teak, ash, pine, or beech often comprise these long-lived and timeless furniture pieces. A Danish modern chair typically features minimal use of materials humanized with graceful or fun curves and uniquely inviting, sometimes surprising features.


Construction of the furniture may factor in as you find a balance between visual aesthetics and usefulness. Comfort and durability are two requisite features of any chair, particularly for one that can hold its resale value as well as the Danish modern chair. Barring some unforeseen discovery at a yard sale, you may think about the types of styles that would suit the needs of the residents but also the decor of the room. Styles include a multitude of colors or finishes. Having decided upon the Danish modern style, you might simply browse catalogs or the Web through the vast selection of possibilities to brainstorm ideas to get your perfect chair.

Very few styles say as much with so little effort as the chic Danish modern chair. Choose among table or lounge chairs, or bench or sofa seating with some compelling combination of materials and geometric lines that either fit into or stand out in a room. You might also consider searching for vintage modern furniture, as these pieces often become collectors' items. Whether you are choosing a Danish modern chair individually or as part of a matched or mismatched set, the furniture can add doses of dignity and pizzazz to almost any room.


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