How do I Choose the Best Damask Curtains?

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When choosing damask curtains, base your choice on price, color, and the weight of the fabric. Other things to consider are fabric fiber content and weave. Damask is usually reserved for dramatic or elegant room décor, so if you have a rustic or cottage style interior design, damask may not be the ideal fabric for your draperies.

Damask is very similar to jacquard, both in appearance and construction, so make sure you are purchasing true damask. Both damask and jacquard have a glossy background with a raised design that is woven into the fabric. Damask is usually woven using cotton blended with polyester, though in some cases the fiber content is pure cotton. Most of the time, pure cotton damask is more expensive than the blended variety, but like all cottons, there will be shrinkage if the fabric is exposed to normal laundering. If you purchase damask curtains in 100% cotton you will have to wash them in cold water and hang to dry, or pay the added expense of having them professionally dry cleaned.


The color of damask fabric is usually solid, though it can sometimes be found with the background done in one color, with the raised design done in a complementary color. It is a good idea to choose damask curtains that coordinate with furnishings already in the room. If upholstered furniture has a printed design, it is probably a good idea to use solid color damask. Using printed curtains may cause the room décor to be too busy, though an exception to this might be striped damask, which can sometimes be coordinated with printed fabrics. Striped damask usually has alternating stripes, with every other stripe being raised above the background, and this type of damask can usually be purchased in a variety of colors.

Cost is most always a factor when purchasing draperies, so you should be sure that the damask curtains you choose are within your budget. Ready-made curtains are usually less expensive than having your drapes custom made, but your choices will be more limited. If you choose to have your draperies custom made, you will have many more options available in both style and fabric. If you decide to hire someone to make your damask curtains, make sure there is a written contract that outlines the work to be done and a date of completion. In addition, there should be clear written language to protect you in the event the curtains do not fit or the work is subpar.


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