How Do I Choose the Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Software?

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Creating surveys with customer satisfaction survey software is necessary for both large and up-and-coming businesses, because they need a wealth of information pertaining to how they are doing. This helps businesses stay ahead of the pack and identify potential problems. Conducting a proper survey can be easier if a business has quality customer satisfaction survey software on hand. Some of the helpful features include a variety of question formats, pre-loaded templates, design abilities and ease of exporting the survey into a usable format.

To create a question using customer satisfaction survey software, the user will typically click a question format from a list, and a question will be made in that format. A few sample survey question formats include true-and-false, multiple choice, open-ended and check-all-that-apply. Different businesses will need different question formats, and each question type can be used to obtain different information, so it is best if the software is able to use a gamut of question types.

For new businesses, and for businesses that want to spend less time making the survey and more time getting information, getting customer satisfaction survey software with pre-loaded templates is useful. This may or may not provide a design for the survey. More often, the template comes with standard questions, and the user is able to modify these questions to match his or her needs. To apply the most relevant questions, programs will typically come with many templates for different needs, such as audience evaluation or event feedback.


If a business asks a consumer to fill out a bland-looking survey, this may cause the consumer to get bored or disinterested, leading to slanted negative results. This may throw off the consumer’s true feelings, meaning the information obtained will be more negative because of the survey’s appearance. Survey software should come with intuitive design abilities, allowing users to change colors and add logos, both to personalize the survey and to keep consumers from getting bored. The usual design interface for survey software will be point-and-click, but some interfaces may be more difficult to use.

While a survey made using customer satisfaction survey software will stay in its own program during the creation phase, the survey must be exported as a usable file format so consumers can answer the questions. Survey programs should have an easy-to-use exporting feature, so users can quickly and easily export the survey from the creation program. If there are many different file formats for the survey, this also will be useful.


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