How do I Choose the Best Curtain Rings?

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You’ll need to consider several factors before choosing the best curtain rings. In addition to the ease of use, think about the different kinds of curtain ring styles and which ones will work best with the style and design of your curtains. Also consider whether the rings will match the color of your curtains and the rest of your room’s decor. Quality is an important factor, but focus more on strength and durability than on price. Curtain hardware and other curtain accessories are available at a wide variety of home improvement stores and general department stores, and can be purchased in person or from company websites.

There are several types of curtain rings and curtain hooks, but for the most part they’re all designed to fasten to the curtains and then hold the curtains to the curtain rod. Usually, the rod just slides through the rings, but sometimes this depends on the actual shape of the rings. As long as the rings you choose are easy for you to use, the exact way they function depends on your personal preference.


As you’re browsing the different styles and types of curtain rings, pay close attention to those that will match the color, style, and design of your curtains. You might want your rings to match perfectly, such as using silver rings for silver curtains. On the other hand, you might want to add more visual dimension, such as using bright-colored rings with neutral-colored curtains. Only use curtain rings with curtains designed to be held with rings, and consider matching the “feel” of your curtain rings with that of your curtains. Also, since your curtains most likely already match the room they’re in, matching your curtain rings to the rest of your room’s decor shouldn’t be difficult.

It’s important to choose quality curtain rings. This doesn’t necessarily mean expensive rings, but rings built sturdy enough to securely hold your curtains. For example, if your curtains are heavy, choose rings made of solid materials such as a type of metal or thick plastic. On the other hand, if your curtains are lightweight, you can choose less robust rings. In other words, choosing quality rings means finding a balance between price and function.

You can find curtain hardware and other curtain accessories at various kinds of retail venues. Increase your chances at finding several types of curtain rings at prices that fit your budget by exploring all your options. Try searching Internet shopping sites that specialize in home decor. Broaden your options by browsing the aisles of different home repair and improvement stores. Don’t forget that certain department stores provide home decor and renovation departments, too.


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