How do I Choose the Best Cubicle Size?

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When designing the layout of an office, choosing the right cubicle size is extremely important. The idea is to utilize the available space to best advantage while still providing each employee with an individual work area that promotes productivity. Accomplishing the task of selecting from many different types of cubicles can be simplified by following a few basic suggestions.

The amount of floor space to work with is very important when determining the ideal cubicle size for an office. Ideally, the cubicles that are ultimately purchased will make it easy to develop a floor plan that allows for an efficient flow of traffic within the area. While you want to provide ample working space for each employee, you also want the trek to and from each cubicle to be easy to navigate. Planning a floor design that determines how many cubicles are necessary, along with the maximum size of each cubicle, will go a long way toward selecting the ideal cubicle size for each workstation.


Along with the overall floor plan, determining the right cubicle size also involves identifying the tasks that employees will execute in each of those cubicles. Employees who need space for printers, filing cabinets, or a second chair in order to carry out their duties will obviously require a larger cubicle. Keep in mind that many cubicles are designed to provide overhead storage, which can make it possible to efficiently arrange more of these necessities than would be possible with cubicle designs that do not allow for cabinets over the desktops.

Another important consideration with cubicle size is allowing for additional growth of the employee team as business increases. As more employees are added to the team, a need to rearrange the floor plan will become necessary. If the cubicles purchased today allow for that eventuality, this means that additional units can be bought and set in place when and as needed, without anyone having to sacrifice the amount of workspace they’ve grown accustomed to enjoying on a daily basis.

While choosing the right cubicle size is important, don’t forget to also consider the appearance of the cubicles. Ideally, the cubicle configuration you select will be designed in a manner that most employees find attractive and comfortable to use. Since the employees will spend the majority of the day working in the cubicles, keeping them comfortable and happy with their surroundings can go a long way toward keeping productivity levels high, and increasing the benefits that the business earns from their efforts.


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