How Do I Choose the Best Crystal Wine Glasses?

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Choosing crystal wine glasses is highly dependent on the type of wine you drink, the occasion, your budget and your design preference. There are many types of wine, and wine glasses have been designed specifically for each of these types. Glasses for everyday use should be durable, and wine glasses used for special occasions might be more fragile. These glasses come in many colors, including clear, as well as many designs and stem options, and they might have designs etched into the bowl or stem. To choose the best crystal wine glasses, determine what your needs are, then simply select a set that meets your primary needs and fits into your budget.

Wine enthusiasts often try to match their wine glasses with the different types of wine, so you should consider which type of wine you prefer or which type you will drink most often. Champagne typically is served in tall, narrow flutes. The champagne flute retains the bubbles from the champagne. White wine glasses tend to be tulip-shaped. These glasses reduce wine exposure to air and hold the wine's aroma in the glass.


Red wine glasses tend to have larger bowl that has a taper toward the edge. There are crystal wine glasses for Burgundy, Bordeaux, Pinot noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and other red wines, each with its own distinct shape. Instead of buying one set of wine glasses for each wine, you also have the option of purchasing glasses for red wine in general.

Many wine drinkers purchase high-quality, expensive crystal wine glasses. These glasses will help accentuate the aroma, color and flavors of the wine. Other less-expensive glasses will also showcase the wine but might not display the wine as well as high-quality glasses will. If displaying the wine is important to you, you might need to be willing to spend a little more on your crystal wine glasses.

Some drinkers own a set of everyday glasses and a set of special occasion glasses. The everyday glasses will be very durable because they must be able to last under constant use. Special occasion glasses tend to be of a better quality and are brought out for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. When choosing crystal wine glasses, you should consider how often you will be using them to determine how durable they will need to be.

Your budget is an important factor when purchasing wine glasses. Wine glasses are available at a range of prices. High-quality crystal glasses tend to be pricey. If you are a wine enthusiast and drink wine frequently, it might be worth it to spend the money on more expensive glasses. People who drink wine only occasionally might choose the less-expensive option.


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Post 3

I do love the Waterford patterns, though. But they are extremely expensive. You're paying for the name, though, since I don't think they're made in Ireland anymore.

I'd certainly check to see if the pattern I chose was going to be available. A year after I married, Gorham discontinued their King Edward pattern. It had been in their catalog since the early 1900s. It was considered the classic Gorham pattern, but they stopped making it. That stinks. At least I have a set of four glasses in my pattern so I don't have an odd number.

Post 2

Unless I bought a pair of champagne flutes for an anniversary or something like that, I just wouldn't spend too much money on wine glasses. I don't drink that much wine, so I have a set of four glasses that are kind of general purpose, and I drink white or red out of them. If I'm going to spend money on something like that, I'll add to my sterling flatware set. That does have some value, unlike wine glasses, unless you buy a Waterford pattern, or have antique glasses in an old pattern. Those might be worth something.

But my $10 set of four glasses does just fine for most applications. I'm too much of a pragmatist to spend a lot of money on wine glasses.

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